Buying on AllyLikes, do I have to pay VAT?

If you are new to the web, but your intention is to start shopping online, you will have a thousand questions to answer. Therefore, today we will talk about AllyLikes, the new AliExpress fashion store, and the VAT tax.

Since buying on the Internet is simple, however, there are issues such as paying VAT or customs tax that may surprise you.

Keep reading and discover all about this tax and how you should manage it every time you buy on AllyLikes.

Do I have to pay VAT when buying on AllyLikes?

In principle, you should know that the payment of the Value Added Tax (VAT) will depend on the place where you reside. Since, in June 2021, certain regulations were modified and the situation changed, at least, for the countries of the European Union.

Do you know what happened here? From that moment, it was established that all stores that sell items in the virtual mode or people who market their services in the same way, must pay VAT.

This can be resolved in different ways: the seller includes the collection of this tax in the price of the product or the customers are the ones who declare that they must pay it at the single window of the European Union.

In this way, if the merchant does not charge you VAT, you as a customer must pay it when the package reaches its destination.

Now, what happens if you reside in the United States or Latin America? Absolutely nothing because the regulations remain the same. Therefore, in AllyLikes it can be sold without collecting VAT and the client will not have to pay it either.

Which option does AllyLikes choose? Do you collect VAT or not?

Fortunately, yes. As with AliExpress, the AllyLikes store includes this tax in the price of the product. That is to say, it collects it and declares it before the European Union.

In this way, buy without limits and with the peace of mind that, if you have to pay VAT, AllyLikes will take care of it.