How to become an AliExpress collection point?

Being a pickup point on AliExpress can be a great opportunity to boost your local business. As its sales volume is huge, take advantage of it and turn your physical store into a collection point for buyers on this platform.

Although on the AliExpress website you won’t find much information about it, we were researching and that’s why in this article we tell you everything you need to know to turn your store into a pickup point.

What is a collection point?

An AliExpress pickup point is a local business that is enabled for the courier company – with which it has an agreement – to deposit the packages and the buyer to pick them up within a maximum period of two weeks.

The use of pick-up points has become very popular because it is very convenient for buyers, since it allows them to stop waiting for the courier to arrive at home.

What are the advantages of being a collection point?

In addition to receiving a direct economic benefit for each package you receive and deliver, adding your store as an AliExpress collection point can be a great opportunity to attract new customers.

Probably, it has happened to you that you entered a store and bought something that you did not have in mind just because it caught your attention. This way, being a package pickup point will make shoppers come to your business, thus increasing the chances of sales.

Another advantage of this service is that it does not require you to make any investment to join as part of the team. Here the courier company is the one who takes care of all the expenses.

How do I become an AliExpress pickup point?

The platform does not directly manage the businesses that wish to become a collection point, so you will have to process it with a company external to AliExpress.

Very important companies are the ones that manage collection points such as Punto Pack (Mondial Relay) or Parcel Shop (GLS) and they are the ones who offer a huge network of physical stores where online stores like AliExpress send their packages for buyers to pick them up at the time they prefer.

Other companies such as Seur (Seur Pick Up) or MRW (MRW Point) also offer this service. In the case of AliExpress, the companies it works with the most are the ones we mentioned above: Mondial Relay and GLS.

How to join the Punto Pack network

To join the Punto Pack network, you must fill out a form (you can access by clicking here) with information about your business and opening hours. Once you submit the completed form, you must wait for them to respond to your request.

If you are accepted, they will send you all the instructions to get the collection point up and running as soon as possible. Please note that all the equipment you will need, such as a barcode reader, labels or flyers, will be provided by the company.

Regarding the delivery and pick-up procedure, it is very simple so you can rest assured: it is an activity that will not take a lot of time. You will also receive initial training and all the commercial advice you need.

How much does Punto Pack pay?

The price Punto Pack pays for each package varies between 30 and 40 cents. Although this is not a large amount of money, if your business is located in a good location, you are going to be able to receive and deliver many packages a day without having too much work. This will guarantee you an extra income and numerous customers visiting your store.

How to join Parcel Shop (GLS)

As with Punto Pack, to join the Parcel Shop network you will have to fill out an application form with your business details (you can do it from this link).

If you are accepted, you will receive all the information about this service, a training session and the corresponding material.

How much does Parcel Shop pay?

This company pays a very similar price to Punto Pack, i.e. between 35 and 40 cents per package delivered to the buyer or received for a return.

If I join Punto Pack or Parcel Shop, will I receive packages from AliExpress only?

While both networks are the ones that work the most with the Chinese platform, they do not only provide their services to this company. If your business becomes a collection point for any of these couriers, you will receive packages from other online stores.

This is not an obstacle but on the contrary: you will have a greater flow of orders and therefore more people visiting your store.

Can I join Punto Pack and Parcel Shop at the same time?

Yes, no problem, you can join both networks. Our recommendation is that, to start with, you try with only one company, so you will see the workload involved and avoid leaving your business unattended.

Can you not accept my business as a collection point?

Although it is not usual, it may happen that the courier company will not grant you membership as a collection point if they notice that your premises do not meet the corresponding requirements, either because the surface area is too small or it is not in a good location, or the opening hours you have are very limited.

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