Opinions about Create Ikohs: is it a good brand of home appliances?

As you may have seen, more and more appliance brands are appearing that offer products for sale at a very low cost. A clear example is Cecotec, a company of Spanish origin that has recently had a strong growth in the market.

But this time, we are going to talk about Create Ikohs, a brand that has had a similar trajectory. Is it advisable to buy here? We will give you our opinion about it.

Opinions about the Create Ikohs brand

Today we are going to analyze the most important aspects of this brand and check if it is convenient to buy from its own official website or through its stores in AliExpress Plaza or Amazon.

Design and functionality

Some of the features to highlight of Ikohs are the design and functionality of their products. It is that the appliances of this brand not only offer very good performance at a suitable price, but also have a minimalist and attractive design.

You can also find some retro style models if you are one of those who love vintage decor.

In the description of each product you will find a data sheet with all the specific features: materials, certifications, sound level, power and weight, among others. When you buy online, it is very important that you feel sure of what you are buying, and that is why this data sheet is a great help: it will allow you to have all the details at hand and read them carefully before buying.

If you buy through the official Ikohs website, you will find the same description, but keep in mind that here you will not be able to access the opinions and comments of other buyers. So, buying through AliExpress or Amazon seems to us an advantage, in this aspect.


If you buy Ikohs, either through AliExpress, Amazon or its own website, you will have a two-year warranty. To use this warranty, you will need to contact the company and present proof of payment, which can be simply a screenshot. They will explain the steps to follow to process the corresponding repair.

Keep in mind that the Ikohs warranty will be processed the same regardless of whether you bought from the official website or from third parties: you will have to enter their website and fill out a form.


On AliExpress, if the Ikohs product did not meet your expectations, you have 15 days to return it for free. No explanations are necessary, you simply have to return the product as you received it, including accessories and original packaging. To do so, request a free return label by mail.

For more information on the subject, we invite you to read our guide to free returns on AliExpress.

If you bought an Ikohs product through their own website, please note that the cost of the return will depend on the country where you live, but the minimum value is 4.95€. Here again we find that buying on AliExpress is an advantage.

Delivery times

As we said, the Ikohs brand is Spanish and is sold through AliExpress Plaza, the section within the platform where you will find products with shipping from Spain. Generally, the delivery time for Ikohs items is 5 days, although sometimes they can arrive in about three working days or even earlier. Delivery is made through Correos or by private courier.

Regardless of where you buy from, delivery times do not vary because the same shipping methods are used.

Customer service

Contacting the company through AliExpress is very simple because all sellers have the ability to receive and send messages. They can do it through an order already placed or before the sale is made. To contact Ikohs you should look for the “Contact” button and click. If you want to know more about this topic, we recommend you to read our guide to contact AliExpress sellers.

If you want to contact Ikohs through their official website, you will see that it is more cumbersome, so in this aspect AliExpress has the advantage.

Analysis of their products

As Ikohs launched its products several years ago, we can give you a more reliable opinion about the brand and its appliances.

Now let’s take a look at the main features of its most popular products.

Ikohs kitchen robots: the alternative to Thermomix

Chefbot has become one of the main competitors of the famous Thermomix, Cecotec’s Mambo or Monsieur Cusine. Ikohs multifunctional food processors usually take up very little space, cook at temperatures between 37 – 120 ºC and can be programmed. They also chop food, grind, emulsify, knead, grind and all this thanks to the included accessories: the mixer, the 4-blade blade, the butterfly whisk and the cooking basket, among others.

The main pitcher is characterized by a huge capacity and being made of stainless steel, it is very easy to clean. In addition, with these robots you will save a lot of space in your kitchen, as they can replace about 13 utensils with more than 20 programmable operating modes. It also has special modes, including baking and cocktail preparation functions.

If you like stews, you should know about Ikohs food processor spatula, which gently stirs food without breaking it. To see more information about these Ikohs appliances on AliExpress, click on this link.

Microwave: more functions and lower price

Lately, microwave ovens have incorporated many functions and, as a result, their prices have also risen. But if you need a simple and modern microwave, at an affordable price and with more interesting features, such as grill mode, our recommendation is to see the Ikohs microwaves through this link.

Those that cost more money have special programs such as express or grill cooking, defrosting and roasting. They have a minimalist design that looks good in every kitchen and their programming is very simple. In conclusion, with these microwaves you will save money and you will not pay for those functions that you will never use.

Electric deep fryer: discover oil-free cooking

There are more and more fans of healthy eating and technology can be a great ally to help us prepare tasty and healthy food. An example of this are the electric fryers that allow us to fry our favorite foods without using oil. Here Ikohs has some very attractive models to offer.

If you want to see all the air fryers that Ikohs has on AliExpress, enter this link.

With these appliances you can also cook some sweet and savory dishes thanks to the oven effect, with a temperature from 80 to 200ºC. They have a removable basket with different capacities, depending on the model. The top of the range fryers can even be controlled with your cell phone.

NETBOT robot vacuum cleaners: four functions in one robot

With so many types of robot vacuum cleaners on the market, the real problem we have today is which one to choose. If you are looking for a Roomba-type robot that cleans well without spending a lot of money, Ikohs will not disappoint you with its models.

NETBOT robot vacuums from this brand vacuum, sweep, mop and scrub at very affordable prices, as you’ll see at this link.

These robots use a navigation technology with gyroscopic sensors that allows them to map while cleaning to better organize the work and save time. They can be programmed through their mobile app via Wifi and are compatible with devices such as Alexa or Google Home and include a remote control.

They have a power that allows them to vacuum all types of waste and their tanks have a huge capacity.

Vacuum cleaners and window cleaners: effortless cleaning

Ikohs also has other smaller cleaning appliances, as you can see through this link. With respect to handheld vacuum cleaners, Ikohs are a good alternative to brands such as Dyson, Rowenta or Bosch, ideal for quick cleaning without the need for cords or plugs.

These broom vacuums work without using cords or bags and thanks to their HEPA filter, they bring cleaner air back into your home. They also have a larger tank and large capacity batteries that provide up to 60 minutes of autonomy. A highlight is the suction, whose power is sufficient to clean all types of surfaces and debris.

You will also find other accessories such as portable handheld vacuum cleaners and window cleaners. The latter are becoming very successful: they are small appliances that will help you clean windows and glass without dirtying your home.

With a single pass, you’ll forget about dust and fingerprints, without worrying about the marks that are left behind when you clean the windows by hand.

Espresso, capsule and grinder coffee makers: a new way to enjoy your coffee

If you are a coffee lover, Ikohs has a range of items you should know about, as you will see at this link.

Multi-capsule automatic coffee makers, which are compatible with Nespresso, Dolce Gusto and ground coffee, are usually the most chosen by buyers, as they are ideal for small spaces. They also allow you to choose the type of coffee you prefer at a very attractive price.

On the other hand, more and more people are choosing to buy an espresso machine, and this is Ikohs’ specialty. You will be able to choose between automatic coffee makers of 20 bars of pressure, which will extract all the flavor and aroma from each coffee bean.

Depending on their tank capacity, power and aesthetics, there are different models from which you can choose the one that suits you best. There are even some with a retro style that will give a vintage and original touch to your kitchen.

All these coffee makers have a double outlet charger and an adjustable frother so that you can froth your milk.

Blenders, mixers and juicers for preparing the best smoothies

Undoubtedly, the most successful Ikohs products are the blenders and, as you will see in this link there is something for everyone: juicers, blenders or even mixers.

With the portable glass blenders, you can make your favorite smoothies very easily: with a capacity of 400ml, they are perfect for preparing all kinds of smoothies that you can drink immediately, since they come with a lid that will be very practical for you.

If you want to make smoothies, cocktails and other preparations of large capacity, our recommendation is to see the different models of jug blenders from Ikohs.

These products have good quality finishes, such as the thermo-resistant jug with a large capacity and hermetic seal, among others. It has a six-blade blade that can crush all kinds of frozen foods or ice.

In addition, you can find some models with heat option to prepare smoothies at suitable temperatures, and with vacuum function, which will prevent food from oxidizing.

If you thought about buying a hand blender, we have several Ikohs models that may interest you.

They have titanium blades with blades that will be ideal to grind any food quickly and have a great power to beat, chop, mix or emulsify all kinds of foods. They can be combined with different accessories to make your life easier in the kitchen.

Toasters, sandwich makers and griddles: your bread in the perfect spot

In most kitchens, bread is an essential food and to really enjoy it, it must be just right. That’s why Ikhos offers a line of toasters, sandwich makers and griddles that you can explore by clicking here.

Ikohs sandwich makers have ceramic plates that, in addition to preparing delicious sandwiches and snacks, will allow you to cook meat or vegetables in a healthy way, using very little oil. It also has a tray at the bottom to collect excess oil and thanks to its compact size, you can store it very easily.

A highlight of Ikohs toasters is their great variety: each of us likes to prepare bread in different ways and that is why it is best to have different sizes of these items with their particular functions. They also feature an eye-pleasing design, quality finishes, built-in waste tray and different temperatures. If you are one of those who eat delicious toast for breakfast, Ikohs will not disappoint you with its products.

Personal care: hair straighteners, scales and facial care

For those who take care of their hair and skin, Ikohs also offers a selection of small beauty products that you can find through this link.

Ikohs facial cleansing brush is one of the most popular products: to use it you should put your favorite cleansing soap, some water and then run it over your skin.

This product has a movement that cleans the pores in depth and reaches the deepest parts of the skin. Here it is worth mentioning that there is a difference of opinion among dermatologists regarding these products: they are so powerful that if they are not handled by professionals, their use can be counterproductive.

You can also choose between different appliances to care for and beautify your hair: mainly hair straighteners, hair dryers and hair stylers.

These products are very cheap and give good results. They have good quality coating on their plates to avoid burning your hair and are inspired by the technology of well-known brands such as Dyson, to achieve excellent results.

If you are a weight conscious person, another interesting product that Ikohs has for you are the bathroom and kitchen scales. They have advanced functions such as bioimpedance, which allows you to calculate your body fat percentage much more accurately. At a very discounted price, Ikohs scales are perfect for those who want to watch their weight.

Fans and heaters to achieve the ideal temperature

If you want to have the ideal temperature in your home, without spending too much, our recommendation is that you explore the air conditioning devices that Ikohs has for sale.

As you can see in this link, it has different models of fans: ceiling, tower or floor fans.

They are very popular products because Ikohs sells them at a more economical price compared to other well-known brands.

If you are looking for a heater for the winter, Ikohs heaters have an excellent quality/price ratio. Among the products offered by this brand you will find oil radiators, towel racks, ceramic heaters, electric convectors, or even infrared heaters, with very nice, useful and functional designs.

Take a look at them through this link.

Where is the best place to buy Ikohs products?

Undoubtedly, the most popular markeplaces to purchase Ikohs products are AliExpress and Amazon, as you will find official stores of the brand (enter here to see it on AliExpress).

If you choose AliExpress, you can take advantage of temporary discounts or promotional coupons that the platform frequently provides and get the best price.

Of course, you can also buy through the official Ikohs website and other online stores, but our recommendation is that you do it through Amazon or AliExpress.