How do I select multiple products or colors from the same AliExpress seller?

Sometimes it happens that, in an AliExpress product page, we try to choose different models at the same time or add different colors. Putting all the items together in one order will allow the seller to send them in a single package with a faster shipping method.

Don’t know how it’s done? Do not worry because in today’s article, we are going to explain it in detail and in the simplest way.

How do I choose multiple products or colors on AliExpress?

If you tried it, you will have noticed that the platform does not allow you to choose the same product in different models or colors at the same time. Selecting one and then choosing another deselects the first one.

In principle, what you should do is choose one by one all the colors or models of the product you want to buy and click on “Add to cart”. This way they will be saved in the cart and then you can make the purchase.

Once you have added all the products you are going to buy, go to the «Basket» (enter from this link). Here you can see all the items you have saved from the same seller. Check that the colors or models you want are there, before buying.

Finally, if you activate the tab that appears at the top, next to the name of the store, you will be able to select all the items from the same seller at the same time. Another way to do it is by choosing one by one but it is much more practical as we just told you.

To complete your purchase, click on “Buy” and that’s it. Now it only remains to wait for the items you bought in a single package.

It’s very easy, don’t you think?

Can I have problems with customs for receiving several items from the same seller in a single package?

You can rest easy because all AliExpress orders below €150 have VAT already included and you will not have any problems with customs, nor will you have to pay any extra taxes to receive your package at home.

Orders over €150

If your purchase of different items from the same seller has a value greater than €150, AliExpress will not charge you VAT, but you must pay it when the package arrives in the country, in addition to paying the duty tax.

Here it is recommended that you divide your purchase into different orders to avoid paying extra money, in addition to the inconvenience and delivery delays that this entails.

How to split an order from the same seller

You can split the order of several products yourself, separating them into different packages and payments.

Keep in mind that it will not help you to pay everything at once and then ask the seller to separate the products into different packages, since AliExpress did not charge you VAT and this can be the reason for a claim.

Do not forget that this happens only in case you have several items from the same seller whose value exceeds €150.

What do I do if the seller does not have the color I want to buy enabled?

If the box for the color or model you want to buy is not enabled or if the seller clarified in his ad that he does not have these products available, it is most likely that he has run out of stock.

If you’re really interested, you can contact the seller and ask when the product will be available again.

Keep in mind that some sellers use this strategy to attract customers: they place one of the models or colors at a much lower price than the rest and then disable it due to lack of stock, supposedly.

Why do they do it? Because in this way they ensure that their store appears in the search results with the lowest price and in this way they will attract the click of the user who is interested.

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