ANENJERY Official Store product reviews

ANENJERY Official Store was registered on AliExpress portal in 2015, it has more than 97% positive feedback on the sales of their products, this assessment is for a period of the last 6 months of sales of the shop.

Is it safe to shop at ANENJERY Official Store?

As with all online purchases we run the risk of not receiving the selected product, of not receiving it or of it being damaged in transit. That is why we look so closely at the opinions of previous customers. In this case, we can say that ANENJERY Official Store is a shop where we can place orders, taking into account the appropriate provisions.

Advantages of shopping at ANENJERY Offcial Store

  • They have a section called “coupons area”, where they offer up to 25$ (valid for minimum purchases of 299$).
  • The communication with the seller is good, they answer all the questions and mostly remain present until the confirmation of receipt of the order is made.
  • Estimated delivery time, there are opinions where they confirm the reception of the product days before the agreed time.
  • Many customers say that their products do meet the characteristics mentioned. However, in certain accessories there are comments where they express the opposite.

Disadvantages of shopping at ANENJERY Offcial Store

  • 3% of the negative comments on the site are mostly about the quality of the product, indicating that it is not of the agreed material and that the quality is poor (some customers have had rust in less than a week).

Final remarks on ANENJERY Official Store

This shop deals primarily with the distribution of accessories for ladies, they have different designs and sizes to suit all tastes.

Since the website has obtained 97% of positive opinions in the last 6 months, we can say that it is worth buying their products. Although if you are an allergic person and can only use materials such as silver and gold, it is best to buy your accessories in a physical shop where you can verify the material before purchasing, as in the few negative comments have highlighted that the products are of poor quality and are not made of the material indicated (silver).