What does “arrival at delivery office” mean on AliExpress?

In AliExpress, once you’ve selected and ordered some product or package, it goes through several states that you can check here. Among the statuses your order goes through you can encounter “Arrival at the delivery office”.

In this article, we’ll help you understand what it means and what you should do in this case.

“Arrival at the delivery office” in AliExpress: What is it?

“Arrived at the delivery office” means that your order is already at the local office or company, and it’ll be just hours or days before the letter carrier delivers it to your home. However, there are also a couple of statuses that mean the same thing and these are:

  1. In transit: arrival at the delivery office.”
  2. Delivering: arrival at the delivery office.”

If you have chosen express delivery at the time of purchase, your packages will be delivered in less time to the post office closest to your home. We remind you that in most countries, the company that processes and handles the parcels of AliExpress Standard Shipping, Cainiao, SunYou, and others at a lower cost, is your local post office. You can learn more in our article about shipping.

Is it possible to pick up the package at the delivery office when I see “Arrival at the delivery office” on AliExpress?

The answer is no. Once the notice appears, even if you try to pick up the package, it won’t be delivered to you. This is because the employees of the shipping company have the job of receiving and distributing them according to the delivery areas previously devised. All this process takes place in the company’s warehouses, so the employees who can help you at the office won’t have access to your package.

Our recommendation is that you wait for the letter carrier to deliver it to your home. In case it hasn’t been delivered on time, that’s when we invite you to visit the office to pick up your package.

No one is at home at the time of delivery: What should I do?

This situation can be dealt with in different ways, depending on the type of shipping chosen at the time of payment:

AliExpress Economy Shipping

AliExpress’ economy shipping, as its name suggests, has a lower price, but its delivery time is longer. If there’s no one at home to receive the package, and whether it’s a certified package or not, the letter carrier will try a second delivery the next business day.

If it’s a small package or does not have a tracking number, the letter carrier will most likely leave it in your mailbox or may leave you a notice indicating the place where you can pick up the package and the days on which you could go.

AliExpress “Premium” shipments

This type of shipping has the great advantage of getting your packages to you in less time with a slightly higher price than the economic ones. In these shipments, the companies in charge of distributing the orders usually make phone calls notifying the day the package will be delivered. In turn, they’ll offer you the option of picking it up directly at the office.

I have to pick up my order, where should I do it?

As we’ve explained above, the postal companies will leave you a notice specifying the office where you must pick up your order and the days you have to do so. In case you haven’t received the notice, it’s possible that they’ll call you, e-mail you, or send an SMS to your cell phone, giving you the same information.

For shipments by private courier, you will receive calls or SMS on your cell phone. If the delivery date has passed, and you haven’t received any notices, calls, SMS, or e-mails, you can call customer service. Provide them with your details and the tracking number of the package, and they’ll tell you where you can go.