Buy cheap mobiles at AliExpress

As you already know, in AliExpress you will get everything you want. Also, you will be able to buy unlocked and cheap cell phones.

Today, we will talk about this. We will offer you four keys to keep in mind to buy mobiles on AliExpress successfully.

After reading our article, click on this link and explore the best-selling cell phones on AliExpress.

What mobiles does AliExpress sell?

If you still do not define which models to buy or your preferred brand, we recommend that you access this link and explore the filtered search where you can view all the best-selling smartphones on AliExpress.

Doing this will be of real importance to you, since you will be able to know which mobiles AliExpress users choose the most and their ratings.

In turn, if you plan to buy from Spain, make sure that the products you choose have the “Plaza” label. This distinction indicates that the shipment will be made from Spanish territory and will reach you in less than 4 days. This is a much shorter delivery time than if you buy in China.

Click on this link and review all cell phones shipped from Spain.

Which brand to choose?

Normally, all AliExpress brands are trustworthy, however, there are some that stand out above the others. Many of them even offer products to a particular audience.

For this reason, below, we will talk about the Chinese and non-Chinese brands that you can find on AliExpress and where you can buy mobiles according to your convenience and need.


This Chinese brand is par excellence the best known of AliExpress. Specifically, at Xiaomi you will find stable, reliable phones of different ranges.

In other words, in this store you will get high-end mobiles at reasonable prices, from the Redmi range with basic and cheap functions and the Note range, which are devices with large screens.

If you access this link, you can see all the Xiaomi cell phones available.


Despite its short history, this brand is very popular on AliExpress. This is because it offers high-end phones, that is, with 5G, professional cameras, powerful processors and unique designs, and it does so at a medium price.

Likewise, Realme stands out because it continuously launches models and, each time it does so, it lowers the prices of previous designs.

See here phones of this brand available on AliExpress.


Poco brand phones are functional mobiles at low cost. That is, they have everything necessary to meet the expectations of an average user.

If you think this option is for you, click on this link and explore Poco’s cell phones.


This brand specializes in mobile gaming. Therefore, in Black Shark you will find phones with high-resolution screens, with a higher refresh rate, ample RAM, a powerful processor and a cooling system.

Take a look at these devices here.


OnePlus stands out in AliExpress for its powerful, reliable and high-performance phones. Therefore, if you are looking for phones similar to those offered by Apple or Samsung, this is your best option on the market.

Remember that in OnePlus you will find high-end models with the latest processors, high-resolution cameras and details that will make your device work perfectly and fluently.


Possibly, Apple is the reference brand in the smartphone market. Despite this, their phones are very expensive compared to other renowned brands.

Even so, in AliExpress you can buy authentic iPhone models and, in some cases, you will find these refurbished devices at a lower price.

Click here and find Apple cell phones on AliExpress.


It is the star brand of Android mobiles. Since, Samsung offers reliable, quality phones with modern designs.

Also, this brand has high-end and low-end smartphones. Therefore, it reaches a wider audience.

Beyond these points in favor, Samsung has very high prices if you take into account the options offered by Chinese cell phone brands.

If you decide on this brand, enter here and find out what equipment is available.


Another option is the Chinese brand Cubot. It is a simple firm that sells basic cell phones at low cost.

In short, Cubot phones have nothing to envy to the rest of the mobiles from other brands, since they have octa-core processors, high-capacity batteries and high-resolution cameras.

In this way, if you buy a Cubot cell phone, you will have in your hands a cheap cell phone, but with all the basics to navigate, call, take photos, use social networks, among other basic functions.

Check here the above.


This brand, also present in AliExpress, has very resistant mobiles, some phones even come with IP69K protection and are resistant to water, dust and falls.

Furthermore, Umidigi phones include powerful processors, high-resolution cameras and also liquid cooling system.

In short, this brand is a good option because you will get a cell phone with these characteristics and you will do it at a surprising price.

See here the available Umidigi models.


This brand will offer you mobile phones with the basics at an adjusted price. You will find phones with a Gorilla Glass finish, 5G compatibility and high-resolution cameras.

Click on this link and find all Doogee mobiles.


Another option to highlight are the phones Oukitel. They are resistant devices, with batteries of more than 15,000 mAh, a variety of bands, efficient processors and compatible with 5G.

In addition, the cell phones of this brand have IP68 or IP69K certificates, some even have military MIL-STD certification.


This brand is quite similar to Oukitel. It offers rugged mobiles that withstand harsh environments such as rain, sand, dust, high and low temperatures, and humidity.

Now, their prices are very cheap because beyond their hardness and durability they do not offer anything new. Even the quality of the battery, the camera and the connectivity are not a luxury.

If you were interested in this brand, enter here.


This brand sells cheap and quality mobiles. Also, it offers modern designs with good cameras.

In short, it is a solvent mobile, without extra functions, but at an affordable price.

Click on this link and discover Infinix phones.

Learn more options on AliExpress

In AliExpress there are Chinese smartphone brands that are not very popular, but they sell quality products at a good price that you should know about.

Therefore, if you are looking to buy a reliable mobile phone, check out this selection of brands:

  • Ulefone: offers cheap and resistant cell phones. Find here your catalog.
  • Asus: This brand sells powerful phones that are ideal for gaming. Check here their official store.
  • Honour: their products are good and at reasonable prices. Check it out here.
  • Nubia: This brand sells very powerful phones. Check them out at this link.
  • Huawei: another great option to explore. Enter here and discover their mobiles.

Where to buy? What are the best stores?

Remember that in AliExpress you can find official stores and also authorized distributors of each brand. However, here we will name some of the best mobile platforms of the Chinese giant.

Some tricks to buy safely on AliExpress

You already know the best-known smartphone brands and the most popular sellers, however, so that you can buy safely on AliExpress, follow these tips:

Ecarefully choose the seller

Although it is difficult for you to be a victim of a scam on AliExpress, you need to buy from official stores or check that the seller has the “top brand” label and a good rating.

Also, it is essential that you review the comments of other buyers and the product ratings to confirm that you are indeed dealing with a reliable seller or store.

Buy products that have local shipping

Try to buy in stores that have warehouses outside of China and, preferably, in Spain. Thus, you can receive your product in less than 7 days, you will even have free returns.

To achieve this, you just have to filter the search and put the label “local delivery”. And, if you don’t know how to return an item, read our guide: “How to make free returns on AliExpress”.

Also remember that what was said above can be achieved perfectly if you buy through AliExpress Plaza. Here, you will find mobiles from the best Chinese and international brands.

Buy refurbished phones and save

In AliExpress you can buy original international brand mobiles, but refurbished at a very good price. These are new phones that had some damage and were repaired until they are like new.

In particular, you will get devices that work perfectly, only they have been put through extensive processes to eliminate all faults.

If you think this is what you are looking for, take a look at our article: “AliExpress: What does the sale of a product mean «refurbished»?”.

Catch discount coupons

Although AliExpress prices are very low, you should know that you can save even more if you get discount coupons. Since, day by day, the store gives away tempting discounts that will make your purchases cost much less.

See our article “How to get AliExpress coupons and promotional codes?” and learn how they work.