AliExpress: What does it mean to sell a “refurbished” product?

Before providing any information it is important to highlight the meaning of the word “refurbished”, which refers to reconditioned products. We will be indicating what it means for buyers this type of condition that can offer some sellers in their products and points that you should keep in mind if you want to purchase equipment with these features.

It should be noted that a reconditioned product is not the same as a used product. By this we mean that you would not be buying a second-hand item. With this clarification, we hope to solve one of the most common doubts that buyers have when it comes to buying refurbished items.

Refurbished products on AliExpress: most frequent doubts

We are aware that there are many doubts that buyers have when it comes to refurbished products on AliExpress. For such reason, we will answer many of the most recurring doubts that we have noticed.

What exactly is a refurbished product?

A refurbished product is one that has gone through a series of transformations, since at some point was returned for having a factory defect and is sent to the same for repair. That is to say, by the time the item is on sale it has already gone through a technical service that solved the initial problem.

Since this process reduces the warranty time of the product, the manufacturer gives full assurance that the items in this situation have gone through strict controls to confirm that the problem is solved and the product as new, ready to be sold.

On the AliExpress platform, these products are easily recognized, given that in the description of the items will appear this indication.

What is the warranty offered by AliExpress for refurbrished products?

Each country has different warranty policies and AliExpress adapts to each of them, however, as it is the seller who will provide the service, the best option is to see within the description the type of warranty that the product offers. Most of the sellers of refurbished products offer a 6-month warranty.

In case you have problems with any of the purchases you wish to make, you can read our articles about disputes or returns on AliExpress.

How confident should I be in placing a refurbished order on AliExpress?

According to the opinion of expert and regular buyers of the platform, who regularly purchase these types of products, they are recommended, since most of them have met the expectations of their buyers. However, we cannot assure 100% that all cases have been positive, although this does not happen only in AliExpress, but in all platforms that offer items with these features.

If we were in the position of choosing between a refurbished product and a used one, we would choose with our eyes closed the refurbished ones, since the refurbrished ones are taken to the factories and checked with the technical service. If necessary, they will replace parts to correct any problems, while a second-hand product has already been used and does not give you any guarantee of its performance.

If you have many doubts about a particular product, you should contact the seller of AliExpress and ask them to clarify the doubts you have, you can even ask for photos or whatever is necessary. This is also a good way to make sure that your product arrives in excellent condition.

Refurbished items: have they stopped working or broken before?

It is safe to say that items of this style usually have not broken or stopped working, most likely the buyer’s return was because it was not exactly what he needed, or because of a manufacturing defect.

The defects presented by these items, for the most part, are not very important, for example: it arrived with a minimal error, it has a defect that can be repaired at the factory’s technical service or simply a missing part. In any of these cases, the manufacturer will repair with spare parts in stock, repair the imperfections and eventually the product will be back on sale with a “refurbrished” label.

One of the things that you can observe that will benefit you from these products is their price, as their cost will have a lower value than any other product, so it can be said that we find inexpensive products at our disposal when it comes to this feature.

Cell phones and tablets on AliExpress as star refurbrished products

The references of refurbished cell phones on this platform are almost 12000. In the category of cell phones, who takes the lead is Iphone, which needless to say has a high manufacturing cost, however, if you want one of these models at a cheaper price, do not hesitate to look for a refurbished one.

An important reminder that we must make is that sellers are obliged to mention to the buyer that the products, in this case cell phones, have been reconditioned and should not be sold as new. The manufacturer always verifies very carefully that the product is in good condition to be used and will always include all the accessories that are originally offered, although it may be the case that the box and packaging are not the original ones.

It is common to find this option in electronic and computer items.

All AliExpress mobiles are refurbished?

The answer to this question is a resounding no. In fact, AliExpress has recognition in the technology market because it offers products, mostly of the best Chinese brands, for a low price, being original and high quality products. But refurbrished items are a viable option to buy an international brand mobile at a considerably low price.

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We are sure that, with the information we have provided you with in this article, you will be able to make the best of choices in terms of products, as well as know how to use each of the tools we provide you with in our blog and its different sections.