How to find cheap Rolex watches on AliExpress

How do I find Rolex replicas on aliexpress? This question is not to go out in forums and in comments, but usually the answers are usually not very helpful.We noticed that there are quite a few unboxing on the internet about AliExpress’s Rolex watches. You can find it from the unboxing of the Rolex Daytona and Explorer models to the Rolex submariner. Still, all these videos have something in common, and they do not teach you how to locate these high quality replicas on aliexpress. With this article we intend to change that. Come on!

What acronyms do I use to find Rolex replica watches on aliexpress?

Let’s start with the basics:If you are new to the blog like you will not know that AliExpress vendors use acronyms to name the replicated products. They use these keywords to avoid possible problems with the legal departments of the brands that have been replicated and of course to cover their backs before the anti-piracy law.Therefore in most cases we will notice that when we put a brand name in the browser of AliExpress (as in this case Rolex) we will little results and normally totally irrelevant.Here we leave a list of acronyms that we can use to locate Rolex watches, the only thing we will tend to do is type these keywords in the AliExpress finder. We warn that Rolex watches are becoming more difficult to find in aliexpress and perhaps you will have to experiment a little with the following keywords (testing different combinations and filters).

Keep in mind the following before you buy an imitation watch

Finally we always like to warn about the theme of logo. In many cases the vendors delete the logo of the photo to avoid getting into trouble with the law, although the product that comes home (in most cases) will have the logo well placed.Attention-we will always have to investigate the product before making the purchase. In the doubt it is always a good idea to contact the seller directly to solve our questions. If you do not solve it is better to change the seller.

and the quality of Rolex replicas on aliexpress?

The quality and durability is usually quite good, obviously the more we spend the better the product we get sore home. We still recommend that before making a purchase you investigate the comments of consumers and take a look at the reputation that has given aliexpress to the seller. This will give a good idea if the Rolex watch is of good quality.Go to AliExpress