FSDA Store reviews: is this AliExpress store legit?

FSDA Store is one of the top shops on the AliExpress portal, with 95% positive feedback over the last 6 months from 16 thousand followers.

Is it safe to buy from FSDA Store through AliExpress?

It is one of the most recommended shops on AliExpress. The most sought after products are leotards and waistcoats, which offer the quality indicated in the product descriptions.

Advantages of buying from FSDA Store on AliExpress

  • There is good communication between seller and customer, they explain the buying process in detail if necessary and they stay until they confirm receipt of the order in most cases.
  • They registered on AliExpress in 2017 and since then they have remained one of the best brands on the portal, with ratings over 90%.
  • Most of the user reviews indicate that the delivery time is very good, usually the order arrives earlier than expected.
  • The products correspond to the description given on the website.
  • They run promotions and give out coupons. Currently they have a promotion called 11.11 where they offer up to 70% of the product, also if you do not buy coupons for every 25$ you spend they give you a discount of 2$.

Disadvantages of shopping at FSDA Store on AliExpress

  • In one of the comments a customer indicates that the seller deceived him by assuring him that the return of the order is free. So far none of the AliExpress shops offer free shipping, they do have the option to refund the order, but the costs will be on your account.
  • In another comment they say they were sent the wrong size.
    There are customers who commented that the product arrives with a strong smell, however, after the first wash the smell disappears.
  • In one top we noted numerous comments where customers indicated that the product never arrived and the shop confirmed delivery.

Final remarks on FSDA Store AliExpress

Despite being one of the favourite or top brands on the AliExpress portal, it has received complaints about the size, the fabric and the wrong confirmation of the product. However, we must take into account that 95% of the customers received their order properly and according to the description. There is one case where the buyer did not need to contact any particular seller and made a successful purchase.

Therefore, it is possible to order from FSDA Store, but there is a 2% risk of not receiving the order or the wrong size.