Should you buy furniture on AliExpress?

AliExpress is a portal like Mercado Libre or Amazon. Through it different suppliers expose their merchandise, which generates more confidence to customers interested in their products. It is based in China for this reason, most of its products are exported from this area.

Furnish your home with AliExpress

This website is a good choice to make different purchases since they have different products, you can find quality accessories at lower prices. However, searching in every AliExpress store is a tedious and almost impossible process, for this reason we will show you the best options separating them by category.

Chairs and sofas

In this category we will find modern armchairs, individual, puff, for children, gamer, among others. Their prices vary according to the model and the supplier. As a recommendation before making the purchase read the description in detail and take into account the models that have a rating higher than 4.5 stars.


On AliExpress we can find light cabinets, with metal structure and fabric. These models do not have large size so make sure the measures before purchasing, we find models for bathrooms, kitchens and shoes.


These are very useful for home or work. You can find models made of wood or plastic.


We will find from axillary tables to table centers, with different sizes, colors and materials.


If you like to make more complete sales, AliExpress also offers furniture sets, they can be both for open or closed areas without any problem.

What should I consider buying on AliExpress

  • First of all, you should look at the reviews about the product, this can help us to avoid bad experiences on the website. There we can observe if the quality of the product is adequate.
  • Second the store rating, by checking this you can inform yourself if the seller has had delays with the estimated shipping times, if there are users who have never received their purchase, among others.
  • Third cloned products on the portal abound these imitation products, ranging from popular brands of sportswear to electronic devices that are not original.
  • Fourth, do not make bank transfers, on AliExpress you can make payments by credit card, Bizum, PayPal or Apple Pay. The most recommended form of payment is PayPal, because if you do not receive the product you can make a claim on the platform and not lose the money. (Although currently the portal has not enabled this payment method).
  • Fifth shipping costs, do not get carried away only by the price of the product as many products have a very attractive price and then have a very high shipping costs, far exceeding the value of the product.
  • Sixth customs withholding, the larger the size, weight and price, the greater the risk of withholding. In these cases sellers declare a quantity lower than that which corresponds to the actual price of the item to reduce the taxes that the buyer will have to pay in case of withholding.

Returns on AliExpress

The maximum period to request a return is 15 days from the date of receipt, Aliexpress provides a PDF format to be printed and pasted to the original package to make the shipment without additional costs.

The website reserves the right to reduce the amount of the refund if the bank in which the refund is made has commissions, the platform has a seller protection guarantee that guarantees the return of the money in case the product does not arrive in the following 60 calendar days.

Is it worth buying furniture on AliExpress?

Yes it is worth it, in recent years this website has become the favorite of many people, the packages arrive in most cases and, in case of not arriving, the portal offers guarantees to the consumer as mentioned above. However, there are risks when making this type of purchase, for this reason we recommend that you take all the appropriate measures before buying and not just get carried away by the price because cheap can be more expensive.