Can I get free shipping at Shein?

It is well known that Shein offers its consumers and followers a wide variety of options to save a little money, and among them is free shipping, but this method is not always so easy to get.

In this article we will show you the different ways the company offers you to get your free shipping.

Ways to get free shipping at Shein

There are many ways to achieve free shipping on Shein. Sometimes, the platform places them automatically and you’ll only find out when you have to pay. However, there are also promotional codes, coupons or points to get to the same end.

You can combine these free shipping with other offers and promotions. Here’s how to get them:

1.- Through the newsletter

The Newsletter is the newsletter that Shein offers so that you are aware of all the offers and promotions at the time. You just have to subscribe to receive coupons, of which some are specifically targeted to lower the price of shipping. When you see such a coupon, keep an eye out for the expiration date.

To subscribe you must go to the bottom area of the main Shein site, or click when it appears in the advertising windows.

2.- First purchase

Fortunately (or not), this promotion can only be used by new Shein users. You just have to register, fill your shopping cart and when you click on the checkout button, the free shipping coupons will be activated. When you enter the platform, you will see a banner with the corresponding information or a series of coupons that you can choose from.

It is better if you take them all so that you can apply them later as you like. You must hit the “Collect all” button and that’s it. These can only be used on your first purchase at Shein.

3.- Special Wednesdays and Sundays

Shein has specific days where you can get coupons, points and codes. These are Wednesdays, when a Shein collaborators live, and Sundays, where you can get random free shipments.

  • Wednesday Live

Through the Shein application, the company makes several live videos together with its collaborators, where the guests talk about fashion, daily life, news and tips of any kind that have to do with the subject.

In the middle of the transmissions several chests can appear, and if you click on them you can get a discount, coupon or free shipping. These expire faster than usual, so we recommend that you use them as soon as possible.

In order to use this type of coupon, you must reach the minimum purchase amount established for each country. The Shein app is available for both iOS like for Android.

  • Free Shipping Sundays

Shein gets quite generous on Sundays, however these free shipments are not so easy to get, as the promotions are launched randomly on the website and the application, so we recommend you to be aware of both platforms and thus achieve a Greater savings on your purchase.

You will be able to use the promotion only if you reach the limit offered by Shein in terms of purchases, although it is a little less than the amount requested in other cases. This will be done automatically once you click buy.

Another recommendation we can give you is to have your shopping cart ready the day before, so you don’t waste time picking things out. If you want to know a little more about this point, then check out our article about Free shipping on Sundays at Shein.

4.- Use the Shein games

Shein offers its users different games where you can get discounts, free shipping and other advantages when you want to make a purchase. One of the most used is roulette.

Important fact: These games appear spontaneously on the platform, and more regularly on special days, such as Mother’s Day, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, among others.

5.- Coupon system

Shein also offers a wide variety of coupons to its users with which to get discounts and free shipping. Next, we will explain a little about them.

  • Shein offers its own free shipping coupons

The company gives its users coupons that are specifically aimed at getting your Shein order completely free shipping. These are easily obtained on the main page of the company’s website and in the application. We recommend visiting both, since these coupons are different.

  • Coupons offered by other pages

This is one of the easiest options, because you only have to place “Shein free coupons” in the search engine and you will find a wide variety of blogs and pages that will provide you with these coupons.

Fact to keep in mind: You should be very careful with some pages, as there are also some that deliver fake coupons. You must be patient until you find the real ones and do not give any of your personal data for a coupon, you just have to remember the name and place it in your shopping cart.

6.-Place your order together with other friends

If you are a regular buyer on Shein, you should know that to get free shipping you must reach a minimum amount at the time of ordering. You can reach this amount if you agree with another person to fill the shopping cart up to the requested amount.