Magic ZC Official Brand Store Review

It specializes in the area of baby items, although Magic ZC Official Store was registered less than a year ago, it has good ratings on the portal and already exceeds 1000 followers.

Is it safe to buy from Magic ZC Official Store through AliExpress?

After analyzing customer reviews on the AliExpress portal we came to the conclusion that it is not safe to buy from Magic ZC Official Store. Despite the fact that the store already has a thousand followers currently presents many flaws. It got 97% ratings for sales in recent months hovering around 650, of which most have no user feedback only the rating.

Disadvantages of buying from Magic ZC Official Store on AliExpress

  • As a seller, it presents a lower feedback rate than suggested by AliExpress. However, this is also due to the short time that they have been online.
  • In the negative comments state that they never received the order while on the page appeared as delivered.The seller instead of following up indicated to them to affirm that the order arrived to request the refund service, customers did not agree and contacted AliExpress service which made them the full refund.
  • On the site there are also cases where customers state that the order took almost two months to arrive and Magic ZC Official Store did not give them an answer.
  • The communication with the seller is not adequate, they do not follow up on the orders according to customer feedback.

Advantages of buying from Magic ZC Official Store on AliExpress

  • The site has affordable prices.
  • They run promotions and discounts regularly.
  • In one of the comments indicated that the order arrived quickly and that the quality of the product is as stated in the description.

Final review of the Magic ZC Official Store

Despite the fact that the page has more positive reviews than negative we do not recommend the purchase of their products. This is because of the comments of their customers where the seller requests that they affirm the order, therefore, we conducted a detailed search of the positive reviews of the last month and the vast majority do not have user opinions. That is why the Magic ZC Official Store page does not generate enough confidence in us as a seller.