Cheap Omega watches on AliExpress: Guide and Tricks

Certainly one of the most difficult imitation watches to find on AliExpress are from the Swiss brand Omega. We have been trying to decipher acronyms that give good results but we have not been too lucky.For this reason we are going to show you the tricks that we have been using so far so that you can experiment a little with them and try your luck. For now we have only crossed with two models Omega (Speedmaster and Seamaster). The reviews show that these replicas are very good quality price.

Omega Speedmaster AliExpress

Maybe this is the easiest Omega model replica to find on AliExpress. To give the Omega Speedmaster you will have to use the acronym “Master Watch”. You will get several results (both original and replica). If you click on the link will take you to a search made with advanced filters.You’ll see that prices vary considerably. Obviously, the more expensive the clock, the better materials will have been used for the replica (better quality). The cheapest Speedmaster (around 7 euros) do not give bad result, but if it is true that the materials will not be premium.

Omega Seamaster AliExpress

Another watch you can find is the Omega Seamaster. To locate it you will have to use the key fancy word “Sea Master Watch”. You will see that as in the results of the Speedmaster, you will get both replicas and original models of very good quality. It never goes beyond entering the stores to see if the seller offers more Omega models for men and women.Because the results of aliexpress are constantly changing, if clicking on the link does not give you good results, we recommend you play with the acronyms and try different filters. Testing different word combinations is the key to finding good imitation products on aliexpress.

Tips to buy the best Omega watch on AliExpress

Being a watch that costs a lot to find on aliexpress, there are not many people who have bought it. Therefore you will have to go with lead feet when evaluating the seller because in many cases there are no reviews of consumers. We advise you to:

  • Look at seller’s reputation
  • Explore the store and look at the comments that consumers have left in other products. So you can see if people are happy about shipping deadlines and product quality.
  • It is essential that you contact the seller directly to send you photos of the original product with the logo of Omega well placed.

Can you help us find more acronyms for Omega watches?

Well, here’s the little guide on how to find Omega watches on aliexpress. If you find any other acronym that can help readers of Oferal leave it in the comments;).Poe true, if you are looking for other brands of watches we recommend our article on how to locate brand watches on AliExpress. Here you will find an extensive table with key words for man and woman brand watches. We also have another article on Rolex watches.Go to AliExpress