How to minimize shipping costs at Vinted

Vinted seller, do you want to sell more, but don’t know how? Simple: Learn how to reduce shipping costs on your orders and customers will love you.

Today we will talk about it and we will show you in great detail how you can help users save money and buy from you relentlessly.

Key advice: minimize shipping costs

If you want people to buy more from Vinted, you should try to make shipping as cheap as possible. For this, it will be essential that you minimize the weight of the package.

You know how to do it? Too easy. You have to edit the ad of the product you want to lower shipping costs. Specifically, you should choose the smallest package.

Now, remember that you can only do this before the customer buys the product. Therefore, if the buyer has already paid, but asks you to reduce expenses, there is only one solution left: ask him to cancel the purchase so you can change the size of the order and restart the order.

Also, it may happen that the user asks you to lower the costs even when buying the product with the smallest package. In this specific case, you will only have to assume their expenses and grant them a discount if you wish.

Although your financial benefit will be less, perhaps the customer will get excited and return to your store for more items.

Is it possible to reduce the size of packets and avoid consequences?

Normally, it will not cause problems. Despite this, it may happen that as the shipping costs register a package of less weight, but it is really heavier, the transport company will ask you for extra money.

That is, sometimes the company that moves the package may require certain attention because it exceeds the weight and size established in the dispatch description.

Now, this is just a possibility, however, it does not usually happen. Since, it is very unlikely that the transfer company wants to stop your package and delay the entire delivery chain.

Just in case, we recommend using Mondial Relay. Generally, this company does not give importance to the dimensions and weight of the box to be moved.

Also, you should take into account how big the difference is between the weight and size of the package that you pay and the actual package. Meanwhile, if you only exceed 100 or 200 grams, it is almost likely that nobody will say anything, but if the difference is very striking, you will surely have problems.

Keep reading and find out what can happen if the above described happens to you.

How to avoid weight differences in Vinted packages?

As we have already said, if you only exceed a few grams of the indicated weight, there will be no inconveniences. In turn, it may happen that the packet is smaller than the minimum size established and you must act quickly.

Therefore, read these tips carefully and follow them to the letter if you do not want to fail with your next shipment.

Fill the packaging of very small products

Exactly what the title of this section says is what you should do. If you are about to send a necklace, a ring or any type of tiny jewelry, you must generate a package that measures at least 10 by 10 centimeters.

Specifically, it will be necessary for you to fill in the packaging of these products or generate larger packages to avoid problems and for the package to be sent normally.

Compress large items as much as possible

If you are about to send a coat, shoes or large garments, it will be essential that you compress them as much as possible to prevent the package from being excessively large.

To do this, we recommend:

  • Remove padding from bags, purses and shoes. This will remove weight from the package. However, avoid this in fragile products that must keep the fillings without exception so as not to be damaged.
  • Eliminate the cardboard boxes. Including this material will only make your order weigh more. Here it will be smarter to use plastic to cover the items. Another good option is crumpled cardboard or bubble wrap.
  • Protect your packages with lightweight packaging. That is, use light but resistant bags. This will be the only way for your package to arrive healthy and not overweight.

In short, we recommend that you choose the right and necessary packaging for each of your packages, but always avoiding using extra material. Likewise, it will be key that you weigh your package before delivering it to the transport company and thus avoid being claimed for money that you do not have to pay.