How to measure your finger to buy a ring on AliExpress

If you like rings, you’ve probably seen the number of designs and sizes available in AliExpress stores. But, if you are new to this online shopping thing, you will probably think that it is very difficult to choose a ring that will fit you perfectly.

But don’t worry, because in today’s article we will explain in detail how to measure your finger to help you find the perfect size.

Size equivalence chart

In AliExpress we can visualize that the stores work with American sizes, ie size 5, 6, 7, 8, etc.. And although in China they work with their own sizing system, all sellers today have been adapting to make the choice of their customers easier.

To know which ring size is right for you, we present a framework with its equivalences:

To choose the right size, we recommend you to check the seller’s size measurements and measure the circumference of your finger, this will help you if the ring does not fit you later, you can open a dispute and AliExpress will give you the reason.

The steps you should follow to choose the right size are as follows:

Find the size in the product details

From the web or the application, you can search the equivalence of the sizes by clicking on the numbers that appear as follows:

Finding your finger size is very simple, as since the latest updates, AliExpress has made this process easier by helping shoppers choose the right size.

It is important to note that not in all stores you will be able to see these options because not all sellers take the time to place them.

However, there are some who choose to put it in the “product description” area alongside a representative image (such as the one shown below) to more easily orient their buyers.

Measure the diameter of your finger

Measuring the diameter of your finger is very simple. All you need is a piece of paper or tape, a ruler and a pencil. Wrap the tape or paper around your finger and then make a mark where the circumference ends. Release your finger and then measure it with the ruler.

An old ring can also help you to know your size. Just measure the diameter of it and compare it to the seller’s chart. If it is for a gift, purchasing it with a couple of millimeters more may help it fit you perfectly.

Compare and choose the size

Finally, and once you have the measurement of your finger, you can compare with the seller’s table so you can choose the corresponding size. this is the best way to get an optimal and safe result in the purchase of rings in AliExpress.

It is important to mention that just as there are rings available in different sizes, there is a one-size-fits-all ring that allows you to adjust the ring to any size. They are usually less expensive and of lower quality, but they are the most ideal for gift giving.

Frequent questions

Among the most frequent doubts of consumers regarding ring sizes are the following:

Does ring sizing work the same for men?

Luckily, the sizes we have shown above work for both men and women. The most common in males is size 9 through 11 and they depend a lot on the size of the fingers.

What about for children?

The same thing happens. The chart works in the same way, although of course, the most common size for children are those that are redimensional (that can be adjusted to the size of their fingers) or one-size-fits-all. Therefore, they are usually much more economical.

What do I do if the seller does not show me any chart or equivalence?

There are times when the seller prefers not to place the table of dimensions of the rings offered, however, this does not mean that you can not ask about what size available.

Remember that you can always resort to external articles like this one to advise you and choose the right one for you.