Shein: sell clothes to earn money, how do I do it?

The Shein online store specializes in the sale of clothing and items for women, if you have made a purchase in this store it means that you are aware of its varied catalog and its striking prices.

The fact that this brand is becoming more and more popular, has started to create the doubt around the possibility of selling your AliExpress products for profit. Here we will talk about how to achieve it.

Shein: Can I sell clothes?

It seems that the possibilities of sales are almost nil, since reading the terms and conditions we find that the sale, modification or reproduction of their products by third parties is not allowed, which in turn generates the following question: How there are people who do it without consequences?

We will answer that question right here. In order to make sales without consequences, you must take the following aspects into consideration:

  • In the first instance, by not buying products in quantities to set up a parallel store in Shein itself, it is very difficult for you to raise suspicions. It is a store that operates in large quantities and globally, so it does not have absolute control.
  • In the same way, you should not alter the labels or designs, much less pass off those products as your own, because it could mean a much more serious problem than resale.
  • One piece of information that can be very useful to you is that most of the people who resell an item do so under profiles of personal stores, something similar to small second-hand businesses: surely if you operate this way you won’t you will have no problem.

How do you manage to sell?

In general, people who decide to make sales in these stores take this opportunity as a second job to generate extra income and this is because it does not consume much time.

The following ways are the ones you can take into account to start making your sales.

Being an intermediary who sells at page price

With this option, you can enter when people who are resistant to online purchases prefer someone else to do the paperwork: that is, you would be an intermediary between Shein and the buyers. It can be said that you will be a facilitator of purchases, but to achieve this, you must make customers. Little by little, with the references that you are earning, you will be receiving more every day.

The operation is somewhat simple: the client looks at the Shein catalog from the computer or from the mobile and then gives you the items that he wishes to obtain. For your part, you must gather the orders of several clients and add them to your cart to place an order and when they arrive, you will have to take care of receiving the orders and making the individual deliveries to each client.

You will ask, and the profit? Well, the profit can come from the savings generated by placing a large number of orders at the same time; or there is also the option that you charge a commission for each purchase you make, you just have to keep in mind that you can have a lot of competition.

A strategy that can work is to ask the buyer to pay half of the total cost first and once they have the product, they pay the rest. The important point of this option is that you will have to make an investment, although it will not be a great investment for sure. amount of money.

We note that providing this service will not generate any legal complications.

Resell at a slightly higher cost

This option tries to make purchases of products with your money, filling a stock and then selling it either to your neighbors or online, and one of the great advantages of this style is that you can sell garments of a certain genre, this indicates that you could get your own style from the Shein catalog, for example you can specialize in the sale of evening dresses.

Once you have made the purchase and have your full stock, it will be time to sell, and that is when you will have to raise the price a little, that being your profit.

The disadvantage of this modality is that you choose the garments and sizes, anticipating the needs of your potential customers, which can reduce your offer to those interested in buying a product from you.

Places to sell

The recommendation we can make at this point is that you make sales in circles of known people. For this you can choose the following options:

  • Groups

You can create a group in which you keep up to date on the products and their availability, in this way you can establish the dates on which orders can be placed, if applicable. We suggest you do it twice a month; In this way, you will be able to collect a good number of orders and reduce costs.

  • Sales between individuals on platforms

The best options to make your product and business visible are:

  1. MarketplaceFacebook
  2. Letgo
  3. Wallpop

However, you must remember to choose the application that is used more in your environment.

  • Virtual store

You may choose to open an online sales store, it is a good way to sell to individuals in an organized manner.

To do so, you just have to create your store, upload and configure your product files and then all that remains is for each buyer to choose one of the available items, make the payment and specify the way they want it to be shipped. You just have to know that these types of places will charge you a commission.

  • Social networks

You must advertise to make yourself known in any of the ways you want to take (intermediary or reseller), since advertising will be what makes your business grow and become popular. And, since today everything is observed at the level of social networks, a good idea is to create an account on Instagram.

You can give it the aesthetic you like, and to be able to sell the items you just have to take photos of it often and upload posts so that your followers keep you in mind.

You can apply the same method if you decide to offer an intermediary service in purchases, the difference would be in the photos that you would upload: they should be rather of the orders that you make to your clients with proof of the delivery of the merchandise, among others.

How to view earnings

There are the commissions or percentage that you put on the cost of the product, but there are also other ways to reach the margin you want to achieve:

  • Gift cards

Since they cost less than the amount they represent, it is an option that you should consider, for example: a gif card of 100 euros costs 90 euros. You can see which gifcard best suits what you’re looking for here.

  • Free shipping

When a certain amount established by the store is exceeded, or on certain special days, most commonly Sundays, shipping can be free. We invite you to constantly review the page to be attentive and achieve them.

  • Points

For each purchase you make on the Shein page, the system will accumulate points, as well as every time you post comments and images on articles. These points will be converted into discounts applied to your purchase invoices, which translates into a higher profit margin for you.

The equivalence of the points is as follows: 100 points are equivalent to 1 US dollar and it is possible to add up to 2000 points per day.

  • Promotion codes and coupons

There are different ways to acquire each of them, and they are a great way to pay less for orders. One of the easiest ways to get them is with the registration in the store, and on the first purchase you make you can get discounts of various weights.

When you subscribe to the Newsletter, you will also get a promotional code. And if you’re a new buyer, shipping will be free. Another way is to visit the page daily, because new promotions often appear that can be useful.

A less reliable, but equally valid, option is to google “Shein coupons”: many times there is usually a valid option.

One caveat to keep in mind is that promotional coupons are not always compatible with offers or rebates offered by Shein.

  • Clearpay

If you are in Spain, you can take advantage of this payment method if you want to sell Shein items, since it allows you to buy and pay later without interest. In this way, an initial investment will not be necessary. The maximum purchase that you can make in this way is 800 euros, and you can pay it in four parts, you just have to be over 18 years old and have a credit or debit card with which you can pay the installments. You can get a bit more information right here.

Summary of tips

To conclude, we will provide you with a list of tips that we know will be useful and with which you will be able to organize yourself and perhaps finally encourage you to sell in either of the two ways explained above.


    • Set a starting position
    • Define your style
    • Set the payment method
    • Get points and coupons
    • Create an Instagram account
    • Make the purchase
    • Keep your networks constantly active with photos of the products
    • Properly collect and send orders to customers
    • Make your business legal.


    • Find clients
    • Create groups in which you can advertise and social networks
    • Collect coupons and points.
    • Specify one or different forms of payment
    • Place the order
    • Successfully delivered the order.