Shein gift card: what is it, how long does it take and how does it work

If you are one of those who buy online at low cost, this article is for you. Next, we will explain everything you need to know about Shein gift cards: What are they? How to order them? How do they work?

Thus, once you finish reading you can have a detail with your friends or family. You will even know how to use Shein gift cards for yourself and save a lot of money on your next purchase.

Complete Guide to Shein Gift Cards

In principle, we must tell you that the Shein gift cards work is very simple: you buy them for a value and you will have to spend an extra balance in the store. That is, if it is worth 35 euros, you will receive a card with 40 euros.

This is one of the best ways to save money on Shein. You can buy gift cards for third parties or for your own use.

Also, you should know that Shein gift cards can be combined with promotional codes and points. In this way, if you add all this, you can definitely save a lot of money in this store.

How much do they cost?

Shein offers gift cards at different prices. Next, we will show one by one:

  • You spend 35 euros and you have 40 euros to buy.
  • You spend 65 euros and you have 70 euros to buy.
  • You spend 90 euros and you have 100 euros to buy.
  • You spend 105 euros and you have 120 euros to buy.
  • You spend 135 euros and you have 150 euros to buy.

How are they bought?

Very simple: click on this link and access all Shein gift cards. Later, choose the one that suits you best and enter your details and those of the person to whom you will give it as a gift. Specifically, you will need to provide both email addresses and a message.

Also, Shein will ask you for a shipping address, but it will not matter which one you say, since the gift card will arrive virtually through the email address you uploaded in the previous step.

Finally, you must pay for the gift card and you will receive a notice to your email in which the store will confirm the purchase. In addition, it will send you a pin and number to use it.

Remember that sometimes messages from Shein can end up in your spam folder. Therefore, check your box carefully before filing a complaint with the store.

Although Shein gift cards are a great option to save, they have a big disadvantage: you can only buy them to use in your country. Therefore, if you buy it on Shein Spain, it will only be valid to buy on this platform with dispatch to Spanish territory.

Even so, if you want to know in detail all the conditions and terms of the Shein gift cards, access this link.

Answers to frequently asked questions

In this section, we will write about the most repeated doubts among Shein users. Specifically, we’re going to answer the most frequently asked questions about store gift cards.

I want to buy a gift card for myself, can I do it?

Yes, there is nothing stopping you. Since, it is not specified in the conditions of the Shein gift cards that they have to be yes or yes for another person.

The only clarification in this regard is that you always put your email address at the time of making the purchase.

How long does it take for the gift card to arrive?

Normally, the gift card number and pin arrive immediately in the email. However, this may not be the case. If this is your case, wait 24 hours because depending on the payment method you chose, it usually takes a little longer to complete the purchase.

However, if this period has passed and you still do not receive your gift card details, automatically contact Shein.

Should I spend the entire balance on the card in one purchase?

Definitely not. Remember that the Shein gift card works like a virtual card. In this way, if you do not consume all your balance, you can use it in future purchases.

You can even check how much money you have in your favor through the store’s website or the application for mobile devices.

My order costs more than the balance on the card, what can I do?

You can pay for your order with the balance of the gift card and the remaining money with the usual payment methods of the store, such as credit or debit card, PayPal, bank transfers, etc.

What happens if I return an item I purchased with a gift card?

In principle, you should not worry because you will recover your money without problems. That is, if you bought a product with your gift card and it is not what you expected, you must return it and the refund amount will reach you in the form of a balance on your gift card.

Does my gift card expire?

Unfortunately yes. All Shein gift cards have an expiration date. Despite this, the term of validity is considerable: 120 months.

If I regret it, can I cancel a gift card?

Yes, but you will need to contact Shein immediately after paying.

My email has a purchase error, what should I do?

In this specific case, the only way to solve it is by contacting the Shein team. Once you manage to communicate, explain the problem to them, since only the store will be able to modify the data of the gift card.

Attention! Do not buy Shein gift cards outside the store

Normally, you will come across people selling Shein gift cards, but we do not recommend buying them outside of the official store platform. You will wonder why?

Simple: the transaction will be completed outside of Shein’s terms and conditions and in case of any problem, they will not be able to help you.

Therefore, do not take risks and shop at Shein easily and safely. Click here and find them.