PatPat sizes: how to choose them correctly?

If you are looking for clothes with modern and attractive designs for babies, boys and girls, the PatPat store is an excellent option with all its products for the whole family.

In today’s article we are going to explain how the sizes of PatPat garments work so that you do not make a mistake when placing your order.

How do sizes work in PatPat?

Before placing your order, you should keep in mind that PatPat products have different size charts. That is, each size varies from one garment to another. It will also depend on the materials with which they are made.

This happens because the garments on the platform come from different manufacturers and there can be big differences between them, including the size charts.

Steps to use PatPat sizes

If you are interested in buying PatPat products, you need to follow the steps that we explain below to avoid making mistakes with the sizes.

1. Know the measures

It is essential that you take the following measures, whether they are yours or those of your family members:

  • Chest: You’ll need this measurement for women’s clothing, whether it’s maternity or any outfit.
  • Waist: is the smallest part between the chest and the hip of the garment.
  • Hip: this is the widest part, below the waist and it is essential to know its measurement if you are going to buy pants or skirts.
  • Crotch-foot length: this measurement is very useful to know if the length of the garment will reach the ankle or not.
  • Foot length and width: if you are going to buy footwear, it is recommended that you measure your foot to find out which is the correct size. This way you will avoid buying narrow or wide shoes that prevent you from walking comfortably.
  • Height: in the children’s size charts it is important to have the height data.
  • Weight: Knowing this information will also help you to buy the correct size of your garments at Patpat.

Take all these measurements, write them down and when placing your order at PatPat, choose the sizes of the garments that best match. You will save yourself having to return the products in case they do not go as you expected.

2. Choose the product

Enter PatPat and search its extensive catalog until you find the perfect garment for you. Select the item and find out its sizes.

3. Check the size charts

Remember to look carefully at the size chart of each product you are interested in because they will most likely vary from one another.

4. Choose the unit

PatPat will allow you to see the size chart in centimeters as well as inches, so choose the unit of measurement you prefer.

5. Classify your measurements

Always with the measurements at hand, look and classify them within the table of the garment you plan to buy.

6. Read the comments and opinions

To be sure the sizes match the measurements of the garment, check the reviews and photos of previous buyers. If there is any notable difference between size and measurement, here customers will guide you so as not to make a mistake.

7. Consider the materials

If it is a garment made of elastic materials, it will stretch, so take this into account when choosing the size. On the contrary, if it is a garment that does not stretch, it is most likely that when you wear it it will be tight. Decide if this is what you want or if you need to buy a larger size.

Do not forget that in any case, PatPat offers you the possibility of returning your product, so if you have not got the size right, do not worry, you will be able to return it.

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