TOMZN Official Store AliExpress Review

TOMZN Official Store It is one of the sellers listed on AliExpress as “Top Brand”, this is not only due to the time of registration on the page if not the general and individual ratings received by the online store.

Is it safe to buy from TOMZN Official Store through AliExpress?

After conducting an analysis based on customer reviews from their last month of sales, we have observed that, out of 3600 sales approximately 80 users did not agree with the order. For this reason, we indicate that yes you can place orders in TOMZN Official Store through AliExpress.

Advantages of buying from TOMZN Official Store on AliExpress

  • As an online store, it has an average of 98% positive feedback on its services
  • It has been in the market for more than 10 years, which generates more confidence to buyers.
  • In the positive comments we can see that customers indicate that the products correspond to the description displayed on the portal.
  • The delivery time of the product is the one exposed by the seller and may even arrive earlier.
  • The delivery time of the product is the one exposed by the seller and may even arrive earlier.
  • Buyers indicate in their comments that the seller clarifies all concerns and in the case of a refund, have counted on a full refund of their money.
  • If you are dissatisfied with the product, they comply with the warranty service.
  • They pack the products securely to avoid dents during shipment.

Disadvantages of buying from TOMZN Official Store on AliExpress

  • In the few negative comments we note that there are users who do not agree with the quality of the device.
  • There is likelihood of receiving products in poor condition. Some packages may arrive with missing parts (in this case the seller has made the return of the money and the product).
  • In the last two months of sales we have witnessed 4 cases in which the product did not arrive at its destination.

Final thoughts on TOMZN Official Store

As we have indicated through the page we can place our orders, there is a percentage of 97% of receiving our package without inconvenience. However, although it is low, there is a 3% probability of not receiving the product complete or with the indicated characteristics.

Conveniently, the TOMZN Official Store page complies with the warranty service exposed in the portal for these small cases. As a recommendation, if you are thinking of ordering some of their devices read in detail the negative comments of the last 2 months of the product you want to get.