Tips for selling used clothes

If you are interested in knowing how to make money with those clothes that you have unused and taking up space in your closet, or you have already started a business but want to sell even more, this article will be very useful for you because we will teach you some sales tricks.

Buying and selling second-hand clothes is a trend that is here to stay and that is why you will find numerous articles on this topic on our blog.

It is not only a benefit for those who sell, but also for those who buy this type of clothing for its low prices, designs and quality, regardless of whether they have been used previously.

In addition, reusing clothes is beneficial for the care of the environment, since it allows us to stop the massive manufacture of garments on a small scale.

The tips that you will read below will help you in the process of selling your used clothes through websites and applications that allow you to upload photos of your clothes, so that hundreds of users can see and buy them.

How to sell used clothes?

To be honest, selling used clothing is not that simple, as it requires some knowledge, skills, and a bit of luck. However, it is one of the easiest sectors considering that there is a great demand for products that sell out quickly and it is necessary to change for new clothes.

Some of the tricks that will help you sell used clothing through web platforms are:

1. Do not sell in one place

A fundamental advice for someone who does this task is not to limit yourself to a single site. If you want to sell used clothes, it is best to try different platforms and physical stores to get your products to the public.

Below you will find some web stores, apps, and physical stores where you can start selling your second-hand products.

2. Take care of your products

Generally, some sellers believe that because the customer buys a second-hand product, he does not care if it looks poorly cared for. This is not true: those who buy used clothes, look for low prices but also expect that the products are in perfect condition.

So it is recommended that you keep used clothes to sell in good condition, either hung or folded, with mothproofing and air freshener in a corner of your closet.

3. Be patient

Do not despair if you have had few sales. It is important advice because it can happen that you feel like giving up if you have not had a good day with your business. Remember that there will always be better days as long as you continue to sell.

If you notice that the situation does not change, it is recommended that you read these tricks and analyze what may be failing in your way of selling.

4. Use careful photographs

If you sell through platforms, it is very important that the photos you use to show your products are attractive because they are the only way that potential buyers know about the garments.

Remember that the clothing should be easily distinguishable from the background, so look for backgrounds in neutral colors without patterns. It is recommended that you take pictures of people using the garment or mannequin. Remember to take photos of the details of the clothing (textures, buttons and finishes, among others).

5. Write good descriptions

When you describe the garment, keep in mind that it is very sensitive information for the buyer. Here you must specify in detail all the product data: measurements, sizes, brands, colors and damage (if any). If you ignore this part, it is likely that the customer will not be satisfied and you will have to manage the return.

Processing the refund and return of a product usually takes a long time, so avoid these procedures with a clear and precise description of each garment.

6. Invest in ads

With this advice we do not want to tell you to spend fortunes on promotion campaigns through social networks, but rather to understand that there are tools to promote your products on some platforms such as Wallapop or Vinted, where you will have to pay to stand out among other sellers.

7. Use social networks to spread your products

Create a Facebook or Instagram account specifically to post photos of your clothes, so that they reach a greater number of users and have more opportunities to make sales. You can participate in buying and selling groups or even pay for ads on these social networks.

8. Sell ​​at adequate prices

This advice is relative, since it is impossible to determine an appropriate price: it depends on each garment and its condition. But as a general rule, we can tell you that the better the condition of the garment and the more fashionable it is, the price should be higher and at least €3 less than the reference price.

Keep in mind that the more attractive the photos you choose to show your products, the more expensive they will look, so take advantage and raise the price.

9. Sell ​​according to the season

Choose the products to sell according to the season. That is, if it is summer, do not try to sell coats: better bet on swimsuits. Or the other way around, if you are in winter, it will be easier for them to buy clothes from this season than from the next.

When you go to publish your products on social networks, keep in mind the season. This way you will better organize the garments and the post will not be mixed with that of other seasons. The more easily your products are seen, the faster you will sell.

10. Sell ​​on the right platforms

No matter how much you focus on a used clothing buying and selling platform, it won’t do you much good if there isn’t enough of an audience. Therefore, it is recommended that you focus on those marketplaces that give you the greatest benefit in the shortest possible time and invest in ads.

With these tips, you will surely improve the sales of your used garments or if you still have not decided, it is time to start your business. Keep reading our blog for more online store tips and reviews.