AliExpress: What is Turkey Post shipping?

Continuing with the shipping methods on the AliExpress platform, we bring you the best information about a shipping method that has gradually been gaining the attention of all regular buyers on the web: this method is the “Turkey Post”.

On some occasions, when making a purchase on the platform, the only shipping method offered by the seller may be “Turkey Post”. If you have never used this method, you can rest assured, because here we will give you all the necessary information and we will also make comparisons with other known shipping methods on AliExpress.

“Turkey Post” What is it?

They are those shipments that carry out their operations by Turkish companies “Turkish Post” or also called “PTT”, who are the postal company of Turkey. If you make a purchase and the shipment is made by this means, your order will be shipped from Turkey and not from China.

“Turkey post”: Tracking on AliExpress

It is necessary to let you know that this shipping method is certified, which tells us that you can track your purchase at any time.

It can be considered as a fast shipping method since the estimated delivery days are from 7 to 30, and, in most cases, it is usually free, although you must bear in mind that this period of time is not exact, but which is a reference time so that you have an idea of ​​how long it may take (it may even arrive days before or, otherwise, it may be delayed).

How can my AliExpress order be shipped from Turkey?

The truth is that the online shopping and sales platform has enabled warehouses, for some time, in strategic places: for example, in Russia, several countries of the European Union, the United States and Turkey, among others. The reason behind the creation of these warehouses is the idea of ​​lightening shipments and that the orders placed arrive in the least amount of time possible.

Si quieres un poco más de información con respecto a los almacenes que posee AliExpress en la Unión Europea, te invitamos a leer nuestro artículo de Cainiao Warehouse Standard Shipping

If “Turkey Post” is used as the shipping method: Will my order go through customs?

You must be aware that, by changing the place of origin of the shipment, you will not be obtaining any advantage regarding the customs issue.

Any package that arrives outside the European Union will have to go through that control point and we emphasize that Turkey does not belong to the European Union, therefore, even if your order comes from a warehouse outside of China, it will not be able to avoid customs processing.

Which shipping method is the best?

Aliexpress Standard Shipping or Turkey Post

Thanks to its cheap cost and the speed offered by AliExpress Standard Shipping, it is one of the best-known forms of certified shipping on the platform.

Even keeping in mind the fact that Turkey Post works well in Spain, our recommendation is AliExpress Standard Shipping, explaining why below.

In both cases we are talking about certified shipments, but the difference in delivery time is the key, since AliExpress Standard Shipping offers you 18 days or 10 with fast shipping, while with Turkey Post the time ranges from 7 to 30 days. days. Apart from this feature, there is another reason why your order can arrive sooner with AliExpress Standard Shipping, and that is that Correos España and the Aliexpress platform signed an agreement to speed up orders from China by 30%.

Opinions: How is the Turkey Post in Latin America and Spain?

In Latin America (Mexico, Peru, Chile…)

Honestly, the comments and opinions that we have received about this method in Latin America are not very favorable, since they indicate that it is usually very slow, which can happen due to the distance that separates Turkey from this continent.

Our recommendation is that if you buy an item that allows you to choose shipping from China or Turkey, choose from China whenever possible.

On the other hand, if you only have the Turkey Post option, you can search for the same item in other sellers that do offer a greater variety of shipping options.

In Spain

In general, the comments and opinions that we have received from the Turkey Post in Spain indicate that it works very well and quickly, so you can choose this option without any fear.

You must bear in mind that Correos will be in charge of managing your Turkey Post order once said product is in Spain.