What is the shipping method “Cainiao Warehouse Standard Shipping”?

There are many shipping options with which the order is intended to be delivered to the customer, among them Cainiao Warehouse Standard Shipping stands out, which is widely used by AliExpress sellers.

Do you know how it works?

Pay close attention, as we proceed to explain in detail what it is and what advantages this shipping method has.

First, let’s talk about Cainiao

Cainiao, is the name of the company created by the Alibaba group, to which AliExpress belongs.

With Cainiao, Alibaba takes on the responsibility of handling distribution as well as offering extremely cheap shipments that undoubtedly end up favoring us buyers.

Not least: we must mention that other shipping methods quite popular by Cainiao are Cainiao Standard for Special Goods and Cainiao Super Economy Global

This allows us to elucidate that the objective of AliExpress is the speed in its shipping section. This translates or pursues the objective of reducing the waiting time for purchases made in China.

Even Alibaba recently announced its willingness to ship anywhere in the world in just a margin of 72H, this from any point of view implies a radical change in e-commerce logistics as we know it.

How is Cainiao Warehouse Standard Shipping classified?

While the real consolidation of global shipments is expected in 72H, AliExpress maintains its line of work to speed up shipments through the establishment of local warehouses: in Europe as evidenced in Spain, Belgium, France, Poland and the Czech Republic .

When an AliExpress product has the “Caniao Warehouse Standard Shipping” shipping method, we will strictly understand that although the seller is registered in China, the product is available in a European or Spanish warehouse. Therefore, the delivery will be very fast.

What ranges of time do the shipments of “Cainiao WareHouse Standard Shipping” take?

It has been evaluated that delivery times range between 3 and 7 days, depending on the place where the item is stored.

On the other hand, if the warehouse is located in Spain, the shipping time is only 3 days maximum (it can even be before). In the case of the other countries belonging to the European Union, the delay or delivery time will be slightly higher than 7 days.

It should be mentioned that these shipments work quite well and have a set of benefits that we will explain below.

What are the benefits of this shipment compared to others from AliExpress?

As mentioned, the main benefit is speed. But in addition to that, by using Cainiao Warehouse Standard Shipping, you get the peace of mind that your package will not be held by customs and you will not have to pay VAT or tariffs. These taxes must be paid for those items that are imported outside the European Union, therefore, you take away a worry for this procedure.

Are the warehouses used by this method the same as AliExpress?

The direct answer is no, and it will be necessary that you do not confuse them with those of AliExpress Plaza, since we repeat, they are not the same.

It is necessary to clarify that all AliExpress Plaza items are shipped from Spain and have a national guarantee. For its part, products shipped by this method, although they can be shipped from a warehouse in Spain, are entitled to a guarantee from the European Union, which is somewhat more difficult to process.

However, as an advantage, the products of Cainiao Warehouse Standard Shipping are much cheaper than those items sold in AliExpress Plaza.

How do I find directly the articles that are sent from the European Union?

If these types of products with fast shipping Caniao Warehouse Standard Shipping convince you, then we will explain how you can filter your searches to find them faster

From the website

You can go to any of the categories that catch your attention to buy and, in the filters located at the top, click on “delivery 3-10 days”.

In this section, you will also find fast 10-day shipments with “AliExpress Standard Shipping”, which are not made from the European Union. Later we will explain the differences.

From the app

If the application is used, the methodology for filtering the search is slightly simpler. To do this, go to the home page of the application and in the bar at the top click on “Ship from Europe”.

How does expedited 10-day shipping work with “AliExpress Standard Shipping”?

Very differently from shipments with Cainiao Warehouse Standard Shipping, items with 10-day fast shipping are managed by “AliExpress Standard Shipping” and are shipped from China, making a stopover in Belgium before arriving to Madrid.

This means that, although the two shipments are quite fast, these types of orders are at risk of being held up in customs. But you must remember that the probability is minimal.