Why do two prices appear on AliExpress items?

One of the most frequent questions asked by users when venturing to make purchases on the AliExpress is: why do some items have two totally different prices?

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Why are there two different prices on AliExpress? – The reason

One of the reasons why two prices can appear when clicking on a product is because it may be in different sizes, colors, sizes or that it has the possibility of being sold both wholesale or retail.

So the page is showing you an approximate minimum and maximum price range. Of course, if you have Aliexpress partner points, or redeem coupons, you can spend much less!

Why does the same item appear with different prices on AliExpress?

AliExpress, over the years, has become one of the leading companies for buying and selling online. For this reason, it is normal that you frequently get the same item with different price references, since each provider places the one that they think is most convenient.

The price changes when setting the characteristics of an item

On this platform, it is common to offer discounts for days, which means that the value of the item, depending on the accessories it has, varies when receiving the discount.

On the other hand, if you place the order with another combination of accessories other than the one with the discount applied, the final cost may be different and sometimes quite high.

From the web

You will know the true value of the equipment you want to acquire when you hover or click on the different options to see what each one includes and its final price. Next, we will give an example of this.

The image that you will see below shows a 2-in-1 tablet, which with all its features has a final price of 286.87 euros.

The same product, but with a 128GB SSD card, the price varies to 311.58 euros.

In short, until you set these characteristics you will not know the final price of the equipment.

From the app

If you are buying through the mobile application, all the previous steps work the same, except for the last part, because to know what exactly each combination of items includes, you will have to hover over the option and a small description will automatically appear. With this you will know exactly what accessories it includes and how much its price is.

Why do I get a different price when paying?

Being a company of international importance, AliExpress works with different currencies. Although the accepted payment methods are the US dollar, pound sterling, yen, euros and rubles, if you have a different monetary cone, you can buy with it, only the page would charge you a commission for doing this extra work.

For this reason, you will be able to see that once the final account is calculated with the amount, one amount comes out and then another may appear in the final total (section that is in the lower right part of the screen).

Continuing with the example of the 2-in-1 tablet that we were going to buy, in the image below we can see that the final price with the amount would be 411.02 euros. However, we have a coupon that the AliExpress seller gave us for 2.64 euros. When the platform takes the amount of the discount in our favor, the REAL rate of the total cost of the equipment decreases: this means that the value to pay will actually be 408.39 euros.

You can consult more about the different forms of payment used on the platform by clicking on the links that we leave you.

What cost to trust?

Trust the final price! It is the one that appears at the time of payment, since any commission or discount that will be taken into account, as in the example mentioned, will be reflected in this last item.

In AliExpress, coupons are almost always offered and, if they are taken into account, the reduction or discount will be applied specifically in this section.

You can also solve your doubts regarding the final price of the product by asking the seller directly, and if you have any other type of inconvenience when buying, you can visit the AliExpess Customer Service section through this link.

Are you still unsure about the price?

Before placing any order you can speak directly with the supplier and make your concerns known. He, for his part, will surely know how to give you an answer that can solve your doubts.

Remember that before formalizing your order, it is better to be clear about whether the product you want to carry meets your expectations in terms of sizes, colors, dimensions, quantities and budget. In this way you will avoid making the process more tedious by processing a dispute or canceling the shipment.

However, if you need to open the dispute process, we will leave you an link which will send you directly to that section.

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