What does “last mile” or “accepted by last mile carrier” mean on AliExpress?

While tracking the order on the AliExpress site, it’s normal for you to wonder what “Accepted by logistics operator” means, since not much can be deduced from the name.

That’s why, we’ll explain in depth what it is and whether you should do anything in particular.

What does it mean if the order is accepted by the last mile carrier?

When the order arrives in your country, regardless of the way it arrives (sea or air), it’ll go through customs control beforehand. This is a standard process that all packages go through, and it doesn’t necessarily mean that your order will be held.

When the customs clearance is completed, the order will become “Accepted by the last mile carrier”, which means that the post office has already received and accepted the package, so you should be ready to receive it.

This is just one of the normal steps that all orders go through, and you don’t have to be worried or do anything in particular, just wait for it to be fulfilled.

→ Why does it appear on some orders only?

As we mentioned above, all orders must go through the acceptance process by the post office, either by public mail or a particular company. However, sometimes it may not be reflected in the tracking and this is because this section doesn’t always work properly or is not updated in real-time.

It should be noted that it’s still necessary to check the status of the order regularly, in case any problem arises during shipment.

Following steps

Once the package has been accepted by the logistics operator, it will be transferred to the Mass Admission Center, to be sorted and sent to an automatic processing center.

Similarly, we explain it in more detail in the article that talks about the arrival at the distribution center in AliExpress.

→ Step prior to “Accepted by logistics operator”: Customs

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Before being accepted by the courier company that takes the order home, all packages go through customs clearance. This procedure is performed by customs agents, who visually inspect and hold any packages they may consider irregular.

If the order you placed isn’t heavy or bulky, it’ll most likely not be inspected.

Which orders does customs inspect?

Usually, these shipments are declared with an amount of fewer than 22 euros to avoid paying VAT and duties.

Now, packages that don’t pass the manual screening are scanned. In the event that any irregularities are detected, customs agents and post office staff proceed to open them for review.

→ What order do customs brokers hold back?

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If it becomes necessary that the customs agent must open the package and check that the value of the package is higher, this is when they’ll ask you for all the documents to make a tax settlement. This means that they’ll ask you for something to justify or an invoice, to know how much VAT or tariffs you must cancel.

In these cases, the post office will usually contact you to present the documentation. It’s important to know that if any forgery is found, the order will be destroyed.

→ Will I have problems with customs?

Thanks to the high demand of orders they handle, your order will most likely pass the first manual selection without any inconvenience. However, it’s very unlikely that your purchase will be held up by customs, but not impossible.

However, with the excellent prices offered by AliExpress, it’s still much better to buy through this platform even if some orders may be stopped momentarily, which is something that doesn’t happen very often.