Do you know the Cainiao Expedited Economy shipping method on AliExpress?

Cainiao Expedited Economy is one of the shipping methods offered on AliExpress. Cainiao refers to the company that in recent times has processed the largest number of shipments. It was created by Alibaba, the same company that created AliExpress, with the intention of speeding up and minimizing waiting times.

In this article, you’ll find everything about “Cainiao Expedited Economy” on AliExpress: the differences between this and the other shipping methods known to be ordinary Cainiao on AliExpress.

Cainiao Expedited Economy on AliExpress: What kind of shipping method is it?

This is a shipping method, as its name expresses, cheap and ordinary. This means that the tracking number won’t be useful once the product or package leaves China and arrives in your country.

Their delivery times are long, ranging from one month to 50 days. If you’re wondering in what kind of shipments you can make use of Cainiao Expedited Economy, it’s mostly used in items whose price is less than 5 dollars or euros. The really striking thing about Cainiao Expedited Economy is that you’re allowed to use it while making combined deliveries.

Is it useful to choose this type of shipping method?

Well, sellers usually offer different shipping methods, such as AliExpress Saver Shipping or AliExpress Standard Shipping. The difference between the latter and Cainiao Expedited Economy is that they offer a tracking number. The disadvantage is that their price is higher.

Now, if you choose Cainiao Expedited Economy for a purchase that you don’t need to receive as soon as possible, it’ll usually be free, or its price will be so low that it won’t be a problem to pay for it. In addition, you can also make use of this shipping method if the products you’re about to buy have low prices.

If, on the other hand, your purchase is a product that you need to receive soon, we invite you to choose  AliExpress Saver Shipping. This is certified shipping, cheaper than AliExpress Standard Shipping but a little slower in its delivery.

What is the combined delivery offered by “Cainiao Expedited Economy”?

It’s the opportunity to group different orders into one, which facilitates their delivery since they’ll arrive at the same time. This is allowed for those packages that don’t exceed 5 euros. In addition, they must be marked as “Combined delivery offered by AliExpress”.

Another advantage of combining or grouping orders is that they’ll be delivered between 30 and 50 days to only 20 days. If you’re shipping several low-cost products, consider taking this option. It represents a good option to forget about several tracking numbers and only track one.

To make sure that the products you wish to purchase are eligible for combination, we invite you to pay attention to the product description. On the right side just above the “Buy” and “Add to cart” buttons you should be able to read “Combined delivery offered by AliExpress”. In this section, you’ll see a selection of products applicable for a combined delivery.

Is there a difference between Cainiao Expedited Economy and Cainiao Super Economy for Special Goods?

Of course, it may seem that there are some similarities such as ordinary shipments and delivery times between 20 and 50 days, but with Cainiao Expedited Economy you can make combined deliveries (as explained above) and have your shipment arrive quicker at your doorstep.

Therefore, with Cainiao Expedited Economy, you’ll have even more advantages by having the option to convert your shipment into a fast one without having to pay too much.