Allneon Store AliExpress reviews ¿is it fake?

Here we are going to show you the experience of some users who have purchased a product in the Allneo shop on AliExpress.

There are users who have had a good experience on these websites and have recommended them highly. But there are others who have not fared well at all, claiming that they did not receive the product and those who did receive it were not as agreed. In addition, when they opted for the return service, they were only refunded half of what they had paid and there are other cases where they wrote off the money, as the seller told them that they would be refunded within 4 months.

Advantages of buying from Allneon Store

Price: the value of the products on these portals is lower than on other websites. In fact, many sellers buy their goods from these sites.

Variety: the amount of products you can find on these sites is huge. They have everything from dresses, handbags. Mobiles, costumes, among others.

Returns: in some cases customers have commented that when their products were delayed they got their money back and were given the garments for free.

Delivery time: in Allneon is a plus point, most users indicate that their packages have arrived on time or earlier than agreed.

Disadvantages of shopping at Allneon Store

Quality: many users are dissatisfied with the quality of the fabrics, but considering the price they offer and the fact that they are exported from China this would not be a surprise.

Delivery time: in AliExpress there are more complaints about the punctuality of the delivery date of the products, although with time they have improved it a little.

Returns: getting an instant refund is considered “lucky” by many users and not only instant, but complete. This is the weakest point of the website.

Should i buy in Allneon Store?

If you want to buy on these platforms we recommend you to choose a seller with good ratings, this does not mean that the products will arrive with a different quality, but it does ensure a better deal and a safe purchase. Do not make payments outside AliExpress and remember that in case of return, you must bear the shipping costs and this is not very profitable to say.

Therefore, we have come to the conclusion that it is safe to buy on both sites, taking the aforementioned measures and bearing in mind that the quality of the product will not be the best. However, to be on the safe side, we recommend you to buy from more well-known and reliable shops.