Costco: Is it worth shopping at this chain?

Costco is an American food chain and in this article we will explain how it works and analyze whether it is worth buying from this chain, comparing it with other stores that sell the same products.

Costco: how does the American chain work?

Costco sells large quantities of items at deep discounts, making it ideal for those who tend to make large purchases at the supermarket, and an alternative to buying store brands at other stores.

Although Costco has good wholesale discounts and doesn’t focus on private label business, it still has a partnership with one: Kirkland.

Save with white brands: Kirkland

Kirkland Signature is Costco’s private label and is another way to find products at very low prices.

At this link you can find more information about this brand, which has become well known among users for its low prices and its excellent quality products.

Should I shop at Costco or Makro?

Makro works almost the same way as Costco, although you can only make your purchases if you have a business or are self-employed.

Costco arrives as an excellent alternative for private buyers to access great discounts.

What do we highlight about Costco?

Next we will tell you what are the points in favor of this chain.

The quality of its products

You will be able to buy products from leading international food brands, so the quality of the food will be guaranteed, and at a low price. Users have been delighted with the taste of the sliced ​​pizza, and the quality of Kirkland products is also very good.

Low prices and discounts

You will have more benefits when buying in this chain if you make large purchases, and you will be able to treat yourself several times for little money.

In addition, Costco members often enjoy discounts at gas stations.

If you live alone or if you don’t have a Costco nearby, maybe buying in this chain is not your best option, since you probably have a store nearby where you can buy individually and spending little money.

The wide variety of products

Unlike other supermarkets, in this one you will find many international food brands (American, Japanese, Venezuelan, etc.) The prices of the products are low and the portions of the products are larger than in other supermarkets.

At Costco you can not only buy food, you will also find clothes, electronic products, among other things. You can even buy optical products!


In addition to complying with the regulations of your country regarding returns, Costco has a “100% Risk-Free Satisfaction Guarantee” policy, this allows you to cancel and refund the membership fee whenever you want.

You can make the return at any Costco supermarket. You will have 90 days to return electronic products and the possibility of returning even open food, as long as it is not expired, although you will not be able to return cigarettes or alcohol.

Customer service

Costco tries to take the best care of its customers, which is why each store has its own customer service center.

You can contact Costco via landline or email. Here you will find your nearest Cosco store to contact its customer service center.

Join Costco

You can access two types of membership:

  • If you will make purchases privately, you can access the Gold Star Affiliation membership for €30 + VAT (€36.30 VAT included). Although it is a membership for one person, you can go to Costco with up to 2 guests in the establishment each time you go shopping (although only you will buy), or another card can be requested for your spouse, immediate family member or anyone with more than 18 years residing with the owner. You must be over 18 years of age to acquire this membership and present a photograph to validate the card.
  • If you will make purchases as a freelancer or with your company, the Business Affiliation membership is for you for €25 + VAT (€30.25 VAT included). This membership is also for individual use, but you can also go to Costco with up to 2 guests in the establishment each time you go shopping (although only you will buy), or you can get another card for an employee, as long as they can validate their identity with documentation. You must be over 18 years of age to acquire this membership, present a photograph to validate the card and present the documentation that proves that you are self-employed or have a business.

Shopping at Costco: yes or no?

As you have seen, due to the recent landing of Costco, in some cases it may still be behind other supermarkets in your area.

But, if you tend to buy in bulk and you like quality food, we recommend you visit Costco.