Shein and the Free Trial Center: how to get free clothes

You probably think it’s not possible to get things totally free, but in fact you can, and with Shein. To do so, you need to access this link to go to the test center.

In this article we’ll help you increase your chances of getting products without spending a dime.

What is the Free Trial Center and how does it work?

We will take you through the simple steps to access the test center and get a free trial:

1.- The first thing you have to do is register, since this option is only available for registered users, which you can do here.

2. Go to the trial center section, through the link that we mentioned earlier.

3.- Then you click on the “Free Trial Center” section.

4.- Once you are inside, you just have to choose the clothes you want and click on „Free trial”.

5.- Then they will ask you to choose the size you want and your shipping address.

Data ważne: If you win, you will not be able to change the information you provided.

New products are always being published in this section. You can ask for a test three times a week, in addition to knowing how many people applied to the same product as you.

Another important fact that you should not overlook is that you must review the product within 10 days of receiving it. If you do everything correctly, you will earn 20 points and if it is marked as a quality report, then you will get 100 points.

If you want to know a little more about Shein points, then we recommend you to read this article: Shein points.

Tips to get free products on Shein

Shein may choose you as one of the winners for a free trial. However, we will give you some tips so that you have more chances to win. You can better review the conditions of the trial center at this link.

Order under-requested garments

The chances of winning will be higher if you choose clothes that are not in high demand. However, the most important thing is that you like it.

Patience is paramount

If you want to increase your opportunities, then you must always apply to the different tests that are presented to you, in addition to being very active on the page. That way, Shein will take you more into account.

Comments a lot

If you comment regularly after your purchases, it will be considered as a form of interaction with the platform and therefore your chances of winning increase.

Buy regularly at Shein

Just as we mentioned in previous points, you need to have more interaction with Shein so that the page rewards you. In addition, in this way the company ensures that your account is not false.

Try it when the week is over

Mondays are the days when the free tests are updated and it is best that you request the same on the last day of the week, because you will be able to know how many people have requested the same thing as you.

Quality test report

If you make a quality report correctly, it will be highly valued by Shein, so it will help you improve and raise points on the platform.

The best thing is that if you make a good quality report you can get 100 Shein points and have more chances of winning, so we will teach you how to make a report that is approved by the company and considered one of the best.

  • Content type

In this report should be the advantages and disadvantages of the item you requested. Don’t be afraid to explain in detail what you didn’t like about the product, but of course don’t forget the good stuff.

It talks about the material of the garment, colors, quality of the product, the way it shapes the body and those kinds of details that any consumer is interested in knowing.

  • Photographs

In order to achieve a better quality report, it is necessary to include photographs, but they must be completely yours and not taken from the Internet. We recommend that you take photos from the following angles:

-Whole body

-Detail of the garment

-Ways in which the garment can be combined

Important fact: The images must have a size of 500 x 600 pixels so that the report loads without problems. Once finished, you send the report to this email: [email protected].

Frequently asked questions

If you want to solve some of your doubts, you can go directly to the help center provided by Shein from this link, but we will still answer some of the most common ones.

What to do if it is detained at customs?

Normally the packages that Shein handles have no problems with customs, but you should know that customs costs are the responsibility of the buyer.

Can I win and how do I know I won?

It only takes perseverance to be able to increase the number of opportunities and thus win. One piece of advice we can give you is to be guided by the quality reports of other winners so that, when you do yours, you have a better chance.

Instead, to let you know that you managed to get a free trial, you will see the “review approved” banner on the article you have selected. After that, the shipment will start its process automatically. You will also receive notification that you won via email.

Do I have to pay shipping cost?

All expenses will be made by Shein. You only have to make an evaluation in less than 10 days after receiving the product.

Can the shipping address be changed?

Unfortunately, you will not be able to change it after you have requested the free trial, since they ask you for all the necessary data when you participate. We recommend that you verify your address before requesting a garment.

Can you change the size?

As with the shipping address, this is entered automatically after you were chosen as one of the winners. So you must check your size well so that you do not receive a measurement error.

What to do if the quality test is not accepted?

Please contact the Shein team if you have any issues with your quality test through this contact: [email protected].