How to get freebies on AliExpress

When we talk about free stuff, some questions come to us: Is it a real thing or is it a trap?

In this case, the answer is yes, it’s a real thing and it’s not a scam. With Freebies you can participate in daily sweepstakes and get very cheap products, to not say free.

Do you know what Freebies are?

Freebies are a creation of AliExpress, its mission is to help sellers get reviews on their new products. To get them, free products are offered in exchange for reviews or ratings.

If a seller has a good review or reputation, it makes them a trustworthy person who will progressively increase their sales.

Is it reliable?

Yes, absolutely, Freebies are reliable. You can even participate daily, so if you’re lucky, you can win several times.

How do I apply for Freebies?

You can participate up to twice a day from the AliExpress application. Enter the home page of the application, in the top bar you will find the option “Freebies”, in case you do not find it, slide the bar until it appears.

There are many options to choose from and, therefore, many more categories. Once you have chosen what you want, we invite you to click on the item and click on “Apply for free”.


Check carefully that the delivery address is correct, because if it’s wrong, you may have problems receiving your gift if you’re selected as a winner.

The freebies’ application period is seven days, after this time, you’ll have to wait approximately three days to know the results. If you’re the winner you’ll be notified through a notification.

The store will be automatically added to your preferences

This happens when you apply for the freebie: from that moment on, they’ll be able to contact you to send promotions and coupons. If you’re not interested in the store or the items offered in it, we invite you to delete it from your preferences, as they may fill your AliExpress mailbox with spam.

I got a freebie, what should I do?

If you’ve received a notification, you’ll have to go to your pending orders, where the item will appear with a payment of 0.01 Euros. To do this, confirm the payment and wait for it to arrive. The payment has a deadline, this is three days, after the time to make the payment you’ll have missed the opportunity and there will be no way to fix it.

How do I value the freebie?

Once you receive the freebie, you must make a review, as it’s the only condition required. To do this, confirm that it has arrived and try to provide photos to your comment, the more explicit and well done, the better it’ll be. Remember that AliExpress will value your contribution positively in future applications for prizes.

Can I increase my chances of winning?

They say yes, and we trust them. The truth is that the more active you’re from the app leaving reviews to orders, AliExpress will take that into account and your chances of being a winner will increase.

The seller doesn’t want to change the size or color of my Freebie

Sellers are not obliged to do so, so if they don’t want to, you’ll have to make do with what has arrived. Therefore, we invite you to really value what you’re ordering, if you have the possibility to choose between sizes and colors.

Can I cancel a Freebie?

You can. However, it’s not something we advise you to do, as you may be penalized in future draws. If you get something in a color you don’t like or the wrong size, take it and pass it on to someone else.

Do I have to pay VAT on a Freebie when I receive it?

No, you won’t have to pay anything at customs when you receive a Freebie. Still, if you want to feel more relaxed, contact the seller to let them know that it’s a prize and that you haven’t paid for it.

If you are asked for money at the time of withdrawal, you can refuse the shipment and ask for it to be returned to the seller.

The seller is asking me for money for the shipping costs

If this happens, you should talk to the seller to modify the conditions. If they refuse, don’t cancel the order, as this will penalize you, not them. Quickly contact customer service via chat to explain the situation, and they will penalize the seller.

The seller has cancelled my order

This is something that could happen because some sellers use Freebies to promote themselves, then, at the time of delivering the prize they don’t want to lose money.

Under no circumstances cancel a Freebie because the seller asks you, claiming that it’s out of stock. In this case, let the seller cancel the order, so AliExpress will be able to penalize them.

What is the difference between Freebies and coins?

Freebies are product sweepstakes that you can earn for 1 cent if you’re the winner, while coins are points that you earn by completing quests or making purchases.