Collaborate with Shein and get multiple benefits

Collaborating with Shein is a good way to get rewards, such as money or free clothes.

Here’s how you can partner with the cheap, quality clothing site to get even more out of it.

Collaborate with Shein

Affiliate program

Shein has an affiliate program whereby you will be able to earn money by generating content on multimedia platforms, such as their social networks, YouTube or blogs.

Your mission as an affiliate will be to get people who might be interested in shopping at Shein to see products that catch their eye and buy them. When someone makes a purchase from your affiliate link, you will receive a commission of around 10%.

Keep in mind that it is not easy to get reach on social networks, so we recommend this option only if you already have followers and if your audience might be interested in buying from Shein.

At this link you can learn more about the affiliate program offered by Shein.

Sell clothes from Shein

You will be able to make money selling Shein clothing.

As in the previous case, you will need to find a suitable audience.

We recommend you narrow down the style of clothes you will sell, as sometimes it can be easier to sell a certain type of clothing and accessories, although many people choose to sell a little bit of everything.

A good way to start is by selling to your acquaintances and through social media.

When you get a good amount of customers, you can consider opening your own online store.

Several users have made a lot of money doing this, although you should keep in mind that you will have to dedicate time to your networks and your store so that they attract attention and capture the attention of potential buyers.

After a while, and when you see yourself positioned, you can look for marketing platforms that allow you to create your own virtual store.

One way to tempt your clientele can be to offer good and cheap shipping, exclusive promotions and attention-grabbing bags.

You can start by testing and selling a small amount of garments, to see if your business is successful.

That way you don’t have to be afraid of retaliation from the brand, as there are many people reselling Shein clothing and as long as you make it clear that you are not the original site, you will not have any problems.

You can learn more in our article on how to sell Shein clothing.

Resell customized garments

Another good option you have is to buy clothes in Shein and make your own designs with them, and then sell them as personalized garments.

The way you make the customization will depend on your talents, since you can paint it, embroider it, or whatever you can think of.

As the garment will no longer be the original one you bought from Shein, you can add your own labels to it.

In this case you will also have to dedicate time and effort to your social networks, communication channels and marketing strategies to attract customers.

Become a Shein blogger or influencer

If you choose to do this, you will receive free Shein clothing, plus you will be able to enter the world of fashion and influencers.

To become a Shein influencer, you must contact the brand from here, they will tell you the requirements to be accepted. In your message, indicate what type of product you want to market or review. Once they send it to you, you must make the corresponding publication within a certain time.

You will be asked for your social media, so make sure you make sure you leave them spotless before contacting Shein and show them that you have a following. For Shein to choose you, you should have at least 1000 followers or subscribers.

If you are chosen, when reviewing the product you will need to add a link back to Shein’s page and mention them in the description of the post.

You will need to notify Shein via email once the review is published.

Shein X

The Shein X program is ideal for those designers who are looking to break through in the fashion world.

Those selected will propose their designs and Shein will handle the manufacturing, marketing and sales of the products.

The proceeds will be shared between Shein and the designers.

It is not easy to get into this program, so we recommend you to prepare a good portfolio and have a good network presence before applying.

To be part of Shein X click here.

Which option is the best to collaborate with Shein?

As you’ve seen, the option that suits you best will depend on what you’re looking for when collaborating with Shein, your social media profile and your personal tastes.

We recommend choosing the Shein X program if you are looking for a place in the fashion world and you think you have what it takes, the influencer program if you have a lot of charisma and reach in networks, the resale of garments if you have a knack for business and the affiliate program if you can sustain a platform of reviews from which to reach an audience willing to buy in Shein.