Complete guide: How to ship shoes in Vinted?

The most searched product in Vinted is footwear. However, for many sellers it is very tedious to think about how to send this type of product.

In most cases, these are fragile or large items, such as high-heeled shoes. This involves heavy wrappers that increase the size and weight of the package.

However, you can relax now. Today we will tell you the best tricks so that you can send this type of product and arrive in perfect condition to the buyer.

How to send shoes and not fail in the attempt?

We assure you that it will be very simple. Just follow these steps carefully and you will be selling shoes on Vinted with total success.

First, take the time and weigh the shoes. Make sure you get the total weight of both shoes. This way, you will know what limit you have to use with the packaging materials.

Second, check in your ad settings and remember what package size you indicated. Since, with this information plus the weight of the pair of shoes, you will be able to define the limit of dimensions and weight that your parcel must have.

Third, it will be key that you remove the padding from the shoe. If you do this you will be able to reduce the weight of your package. In turn, forget about the box. Send the shoes loose and wrapped in strong plastic wrap.

We recommend this because without padding or a box, your shipment will weigh considerably less and you will not have problems with the dispatch.

Tips to please your Vinted customer

In addition to trying to minimize the size and weight of your package, it is also necessary that you take certain care before sending the shoes to your client.

In particular, it is important that you clean the footwear with a damp cloth and a pinch of soap. Go over the entire silhouette and even the soles. The idea is that the product arrives almost as new to the buyer.

Subsequently, the idea is that you compact the shoes as much as possible to reduce their size. Now, you should try not to deform or ruin them.

Also, if the shipping label is double, you must remember to insert one of the copies into the package before closing it completely. The other you have to paste on top of the wrapper.

So how should I finalize my Vinted package?

Easy. Pack the shoes with plastic packing paper. You must wrap it at least twice, and then stick it with a transparent packing tape.

Then paste the Vinted tag on it and you’re good to go. Take the package to the shipping office and wait for it to arrive in perfect condition to your buyer.