Cheap iPhone on AliExpress

Currently, AliExpress is the best online site to buy original and cheap iPhones. However, many of you have asked us: What’s the catch? What are these offers hiding? Are they imitations?

To help you shop with peace of mind, today we’re sharing a complete guide with all the information you need to know about iPhones from AliExpress. We’ll tell you in great detail about the best stores, prices, accessories, reviews and tricks.

Is it worth buying iPhones on AliExpress?

Absolutely, yes, because, today, on AliExpress you will find 100% original iPhones at prices never seen before in the market. But how is this possible?

Simple. The secret is that the mobile devices are not brand new. That is, AliExpress sells original iPhones, but refurbished.

In fact, in the store you will find iPhones at a very low cost because they are cell phones that have been returned by users, evidenced some small and easy to fix problem or have been used as a sample.

Thus, in AliExpress you can buy iPhones that have been repaired and restored from the factory to look like new. It is worth clarifying that they are not second-hand mobiles, but they were subjected to exhaustive processes and the quality is the same as that of a new device.

Why should I buy a refurbished iPhone?

The answer is simple: if you buy on AliExpress, you will acquire an original iPhone at up to 40% less than the value of a new one. And, to your good fortune, they’ll work exactly as well.

Which AliExpress store should I choose?

Next, we’ll share with you a selection with the best AliExpress stores to buy iPhones.

These are the most trusted and old Chinese sites backed 100% by good user ratings and their large number of sales.

So you don’t need to be afraid. Read our article, explore each of these stores and choose your next purchase.


Definitely, Comwingo is one of the best AliExpress stores to buy iPhones. Since, all phones have 6 months warranty and have available older models that you will get for very little money.

Remember that you will receive the iPhone with non-original accessories, but this does not change the quality of the phone and its functions.

Enter the official Comwingo store from here and discover the seller coupons offered.


This store is also an excellent choice on AliExpress. It has a long history and good reviews. Also, it offers tempting prices, variety of models and 4-month mobile warranty.

You can learn more about Cingo by clicking this link. Once inside the store you will notice that, in addition to iPhones, it sells other brands such as, for example, Samsung, LG or Sony.


In particular, this AliExpress iPhone store stands out for its varied catalog. It offers users a lot of models at unbeatable prices.

Take a look at TOP CPE here.

SUMMER Technologies

Another possible store to buy iPhones on AliExpress is SUMER Technologies. There you will find little variety, but adjusted prices and 12 months warranty.

Therefore, we suggest you explore this store here and discover its featured offers.

Genuine Mobile

En esta tienda encontrarás iPhones nuevos y reacondicionados. So pay attention and choose the one that suits you best. Since, despite having new models, Genuine Mobile usually offers very competitive prices in this category as well.


Here, you will get a large number of refurbished iPhone models at low prices. In addition to the variety, another plus point of Sunshine is that the phones come with a 6-month warranty.

Click here and access the official store page.

Mobile City

Mobile City is another choice of excellence on AliExpress. It offers variety and a 6-month mobile warranty.

Enter this link, and explore the iPhones available at Mobile City.


This store is very similar to the previous ones, but with a superior difference: you can return the phone up to 7 days after receiving it.

At the same time, the mobiles in Hsenivo have a 12-month warranty.

For more information about this store, click here.

Trendy Fun o Authentic Mobile Phone

These stores are two other good AliExpress options for you to buy an iPhone. Enter here and discover the Trendy Fun models. Also, you can click on this link and explore the official Authentic Mobile Phone website.

Customs policy: what do you need to know?

With the latest changes to VAT on items imported from outside the EU, it is necessary to take into account some aspects. However, you should not be scared, shopping on AliExpress is still comfortable.

Normally, if your order costs more than 150 euros, you will pay the VAT at the time of your purchase. This way, you don’t have to worry about customs.

Still, if you want more information about it, you can read our article “How do customs work when buying on AliExpress?“.

However, what happens if you buy items of more than 150 euros? In this case, nothing will happen either. Since these types of products usually arrive in large quantities on a daily basis, they are not detained by customs.

However, if you have any doubts, ask the seller of the iPhone what will happen if your order is held by customs. Since, some merchants offer to cover the tax costs.

Another option: buy iPhones from AliExpress Plaza

If you opt for this option, you should know that you will benefit. This will happen because as the shipment is dispatched from Spain, in just one day, you will have the phone in your hands.

In addition, if you buy iPhones at AliExpress Plaza, they will arrive with the national warranty.

Click here and explore all available phones, both new and refurbished. Still, we leave you with a selection of the best iPhone stores on AliExpress Plaza so you can shop with confidence:

  • Telephony Pcs Store: This is the store with the best prices for both new and refurbished iPhones. Click here and access the official Telephony Pcs Store page.
  • Infoshopoliva: This store only sells new iPhones, iPads, and other electronics. Click here and get to know their models.
  • Plaza Flagship: Another option is this store. It has a lot of variety, but here you will only find new mobiles. See here their official site.
  • MINIPRICE: offers a small variety of designs, but it has all kinds of phones for sale and at very good prices. Check out this store here.

Distinguish between an original iPhone and a replica

If you have any doubts, ask the seller directly. However, if you find an iPhone at a much lower price than other similar phones on AliExpress, always be suspicious. Since, probably, you will get a replica.

Now, if you really want to buy the phone, but do not want to lose your money, keep in mind these tips:

Watch the operating system of the mobile

Usually, the replicas mimic the IOS interface, but the operating system is an Android. Thus, it will look the same in appearance, but you will not be able to update the phone to new versions as they come out.

Be wary if the phone runs slowly

Replicas usually have slow and medium-low quality operating systems. As a result, your mobile will perform poorly.

Check carefully the materials of the phone

All replicas try to recreate the chassis of the mobile with low quality materials. Therefore, although the appearance is similar to that of an original, they are usually made of plastic and this will have an impact on its durability.

More data to take into account

Most of the imitations have screens with less brightness, the camera takes low quality photos and the storage capacity is much lower than that of an original iPhone.

Use coupons and save on your purchase

Virtually every week AliExpress launches campaigns with offers and promotional codes. Also, each store usually gives away discount coupons to use on their products. Thus, if you want to save on your purchases, do not forget to be attentive and hunt for these sales.

If you still lack experience, we suggest you read our article “AliExpress Coupons and Promotional Codes How to get them?” and become an expert on the subject.