Opinions on AliExpress counterfeit bills

If you are a collector or you are interested in starting this path, you will know that the hobby of banknotes can be quite expensive. That is why today we bring you the definitive solution: the counterfeit banknotes offered by AliExpress.

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What kind of bills can be found on AliExpress?

On this platform, you can find replicas of current banknotes, such as euros, dollars, rubles, yen or pounds sterling, and also copies of old pieces highly coveted by collectors, at reasonable prices (€2 or €3 per unit and even cheaper). if you buy by lot).

A curious fact is that you will find anime bills (such as Naruto or Pokemon), fantasy or even for cryptocurrency lovers, you can get Bitcoin, Ethereum or other paper altcoins.

Our opinion: is it a good idea to buy counterfeit Chinese bills?

In principle, you should know that buying counterfeit banknotes is completely legal, since we do not do it for a criminal or commercial purpose, but rather they are intended for collecting or recreational purposes.

They are banknotes that have the same design and are very similar to the real ones, but of course, you cannot pretend that they are of the highest quality: they have details so that they can be recognized as counterfeit quickly.

If you want them to use in board games like Props, on Aliexpress you will get more variety at a very good price: you can even buy a complete collection or the units you prefer, for a few euros.

Disclaimer: It is worth reminding you that trying to pass counterfeit bills as legal tender is a crime. Don’t.

Best specialty stores

Below, we present a list of the best stores specialized in counterfeit banknotes and coins on AliExpress.

1. SKYWNOR Store

This is a store specializing in euro and Russian ruble bills, as well as coins and silver bars for collection.


2. SMJY’ Store

Here you will find a wide variety of banknotes from all continents, and even collections from before the arrival of the euro. It is, without a doubt, one of the best stores you can visit if you are a collector and are looking for exclusive pieces without spending a lot of money.


3. Asklove Official Store


Asklove is an Asian art store where you will find very interesting items, ideal for gifts and collectibles.

The banknotes of this store are characterized by being stamped on gold paper. You will find euros, dollars, Vietnamese dong and many more.

If what you are looking for are tickets to play, these are ideal as they are striking and are printed on a much more resistant paper than other collections.


4. Beautiful Gift Store

This store offers you current banknotes and others out of circulation. If you are looking for options for your games, here you will find collections inspired by famous bands like Queen or with Christmas motifs, Halloween, among many others.

According to buyers’ opinions, Beautiful Gift Store is one of the best stores on AliExpress to buy counterfeit banknotes.


5. Magical Department Store

This store specializes in old bills and famous cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, and Litecoin, among others. You also have other options for fantasy inspired by the ancient orient, a collection of Donald Trump, anime and other gold foil prints.

Be sure to visit the Magical Department and take a look at the buyer reviews so you can check the quality of their products.

One of the best-selling collections of this store is a special edition of dollars with the face of the most important presidents of the United States. An excellent opportunity to add valuable pieces to your collection.


6. Banknote Store

Banknote is exclusively engaged in the sale of counterfeit collectors’ banknotes and ornamentation: euros, rubles, dollars and old banknotes printed on gold paper.

A large part of these golden banknotes have a Gold Banknote certificate. Anecdotally, these were issued by nine US banks between 1870 and 1880, and could be redeemed for gold.


Can I have problems with customs?

As we have already said, these banknotes are totally legal because they are not exact copies of the originals, but it can quickly be seen that they are fake. You must be clear that the crime here would be to use them to buy as if they were real bills.

On the other hand, it is very unlikely that customs will open your package and inspect it, since they are orders that take up little space and easily go unnoticed.

In any case, if for some reason customs opens and retains your package for being counterfeit bills (something that we have no record of that has happened so far), you can always claim your money from AliExpress through the dispute process. In this case, if you do not receive the order, it will not be your fault and AliExpress will work in your favor.

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