Does Shein accept cash on delivery as a payment method?

You are probably used to pay for your online purchases with debit or credit cards, or maybe with PayPal, but have you ever wanted to pay cash on delivery and didn’t know if you could do it?

In this article we will tell you if it is possible to pay cash on delivery at Shein.

Pay cash on delivery at Shein

If you don’t know, paying cash on delivery means that you will pay for your order the moment it is in your hands. In other words, you will give the money to the letter carrier or delivery person in charge of delivering the package to you.

As thousands of orders are placed every day, Shein does not accept cash on delivery, as it is difficult to manage with such a large volume of purchases.

Although some people do not quite adapt to new technologies and still want to pay cash on delivery, rest assured, because Shein is one of the most reliable sites you can find today, as you can see in our article on Shein.

Payment methods accepted by Shein

Although it does not accept cash on delivery payments, Shein allows you to choose from a variety of payment methods.


This is one of the most secure payment methods, as it uses both proprietary and third-party encryption methods. One advantage of paying with PayPal is that we are not providing our bank details to the site, so our information will be safe.

You can also link your bank account or credit card. To do this, you must register, enter your account or credit card information and wait for validation. PayPal works as a virtual wallet, so the money will be deducted from your account.

When you request refunds with PayPal, what you get back will remain in your PayPal balance, which you can then transfer to your bank account.

Another big advantage of PayPal is that it has extra buyer protection and its own refund insurance, although you’re unlikely to have any problems with Shein, in that respect.

Credit or debit card

Card payment is a common method on all online shopping platforms. Shein accepts Visa, Mastercard and American Express cards.

Trustwave or DMCA data protection systems are used by Shein, and guarantee that your data will not be leaked. To date, there is no known case of any user’s bank details being leaked.

If you are still suspicious, you should know that Shein’s return policy is very reputable. If something goes wrong, the site will take care of refunding your money.

Virtual or prepaid cards

Another payment option at Shein are virtual or prepaid cards.

In these cards you must deposit the money before making the purchase. This way, you can only spend the money you have (this option is ideal if you are one of those who cannot control their spending) and you do not run the risk that, if your card is stolen, they use it for fraudulent or large purchases.

Another benefit of this type of card is that they do not have a high management cost, unlike conventional cards, and may even be free.

Regardless of that, they work like conventional cards and you can pay at merchants with them if they have physical format or if the merchant accepts virtual payments.

Best prepaid cards for Shein

These types of cards are usually available from the banks themselves or from independent institutions.

The issuing cost will depend on the bank or institution issuing it, but they are usually very low and sometimes free of charge.

Most cards have an expiration date, which makes them even more secure, and there are even some that expire after one use.

We recommend you search the internet for the virtual cards that best suit you depending on where you live, and investigate how to recharge balance, how to recover your money in case you do not use it and if they have a physical format or are only virtual cards.

Pay with virtual cards

To make the payment you will only have to select the option to pay with debit or credit card and complete the data as if you were paying with any conventional card.

As it is a virtual card, you may be asked to validate your identity from your cell phone.

Returns and refunds at Shein

The returns policy is very comprehensive and you will even be covered if you use a single-use card, as the money will be refunded to the account you have indicated, with the same method you used when paying or by depositing it in your Shein wallet.

For more information, we recommend you read our article on Refunds at Shein.