Meaning of “hot”, “sale”, “top” and other symbols in Shein.

Have you been browsing Shein’s website and noticed that, on some products, categories and colors, you see the “hot” seal?

This is not the only stamp you may come across when shopping on the site, so in this article we will tell you about all the ones you may come across and what each of them means.

“Hot products”

The stamps are a way for Shein to highlight their products, so you can take them into consideration when shopping.

The “hot” stamp on Shein’s site appears on those products, colors or categories that are getting a lot of buzz.

This is good for you. We know that when it comes to online shopping, there is always a question whether the product is worth it or not. This stamp gives you a clue that the item you want to buy is worth it, as it is being a hit among users, has good reviews and, in case the stamp is on a color, it is probably a trending color of the season.

If you are hesitating between two colors or items, with this stamp you will know what’s hot at the moment and what’s making waves among buyers.

Other Shein stamps

The “hot” stamp is not the only one you can find on products.

Here are some other stamps you can find at Shein and what they mean:

  • “Sale” or discount: this seal indicates that the garment has some kind of discount; it can appear temporarily, randomly or in specific promotions, such as Black Friday, where the name of the promotion will also appear.
  • New: This seal appears on the garments that have just been included in the Shein catalogue.

  • Top: This seal gives us information similar to the “hot” seal, since it indicates the products that are being successful. It also tells us that a product is part of a featured category.
  • Trending: Items that have the “trending” stamp indicate that the item is being a hit with shoppers. They are products that have modern designs and follow the fashion of the moment.

  • Flash sale: products that have this seal will only be on sale for a limited time, it will be indicated on the page with a countdown.

Can seals be used as a search filter?

The answer is no. At the moment Shein does not have the labels added in the criteria to filter your search.

But, even so, we’ll give you some tips so you can quickly find those featured garments, either because of their success or their discounts.

Check out the trends category

You can access Shein trends from your computer from the top menu bar, or from the Shein mobile app, by going to “categories”, then clicking on “trends”.

“SHEINgals”: get inspired by the outfits of other users

On Shein’s official website you will find a section called “SHEINgals”, where other users upload their outfits, so you can find out what are the trends of the moment.

Here you will find the trendiest clothes and you will be able to see if the bestsellers go with your style.

You can also search the “gals” section from the app, where you will find tips from fashion bloggers and exclusive Shein collections.


Use the search filters

Let’s say you want to buy some boots, but you don’t know which styles are in fashion or which ones have better quality.

To solve this, you can filter your search. Just search for “boots” in Shein’s search engine and sort the results by “most popular”.

In the product reviews you will be able to find reviews and photos from shoppers, which will be a way to evaluate the quality.

Shein home page

Many times we don’t pay attention to Shein’s homepage, even though we can find many promotions and new garments on it.

We recommend you to take a look at it to see the collections that can fit your style, discounts, seasonal campaigns and new designer lines.

Are the clothes with the “hot” label worth it?

Although the “hot” label indicates which clothes and colors are in season, you should know that you don’t always have to follow fashion and that you may like clothes that are not identified in this way better.

This identification can be very useful if you want to buy clothes to make a gift or if you want to change your style and do not know how, but it may not be so useful if you already have a defined style and you know what clothes you want to buy and what color.

If, when your order arrives, the items do not meet your expectations (hot or not), we remind you to read our article on return policy and, in this one, on how to contact Shein.