Having problems with Vinted? We teach you to solve them

Vinted’s buying and selling system is very simple, however, it doesn’t always work perfectly.

Sometimes the Vinted page or app crashes. Even many users have had problems buying and selling and many others reported problems obtaining the order tracking code.

Do these situations sound similar to you? Surely, you also suffered from any of these Vinted failures and you want to know how to solve them in case they happen again in the future.

Why isn’t Vinted working?

If you are using the store and it stops working, first, you should try to remain calm. Then, ask other users who are also using the Vinted app or website if they have the same problem.

Why do we suggest this? Because before trying to solve the problem, you need to confirm that it is not a fault of the store.

Since, it often happens that the servers of the websites or platforms for mobile devices modify the operating codes internally and you may face problems until the changes are completed.

So did you rule out that it’s not a Vinted issue? Read on and find out how to proceed.

How to fix Vinted bugs?

If the problems you are having with Vinted depend on you and your devices, you can try to solve them with the following ideas.

First, check your Internet connection. Even when in doubt, disconnect and connect the network of your mobile or computer to see if the error with the store disappears.

Second, we recommend that you update your browser or always use Google Chrome, which is one of the most modern search servers.

After completing these two steps, you can as a third option verify your account on Vinted. Since, if you are relatively new, you may be entering the store for the first or second time, but you have never verified your username from your email.

Remember, if you don’t do this, Vinted will most likely not let you buy or sell. Therefore, look for the mail in your mailbox and that’s it.

Also, if you tend to use the Vinted app more often and it crashes, close it and reopen it. That will help it work properly.

Also, the problem may be something else. For example, that it does not let you access when you try to enter with your username and password. In this case, it is best to restore your data. To do this, click on “Forgot your password?” and modify them to be able to enter.

Finally, we have two more tricks to try to fix problems with Vinted: clear the store app’s cache or uninstall and re-download it.

Specific Vinted errors and solutions

As this section is titled, there are specific Vinted issues that you need to fix in a specific way. Below, we detail each of them and how to fix them.

  • Order tracking is not updated: in this case, you just have to wait. Since Vinted generally takes time to display this information, but it is normal for this to happen. Now, if it doesn’t update after 24 hours, you’ll have to call the shipping company to see what’s going on.
  • The application does not install: This may not be a problem with Vinted and it may be that you do not have enough space in your mobile’s memory. Therefore, delete unnecessary files and images to get the app smoothly.
  • App won’t update: If this happens to you, we recommend uninstalling the app and re-downloading it. Since, updating the platform is necessary to maintain the security of your purchases.