Virtual or prepaid card payments on AliExpress

There are many doubts about how to buy on AliExpress without having a credit card, even though banks are making it easier every day to obtain one. We hope this article will be useful for you since we’ll explain some payment methods that don’t require such cards.

AliExpress: What payment methods does AliExpress accept?

Main article: AliExpress payment methods

We suggest you read our main article about the payment methods accepted by AliExpress because the information there is a bit more detailed. Still, to summarize, the most common payment methods on the platform are credit or debit cards (Visa, Mastercard, Western Union), Webmoney, and bank transfers.

AliExpress doesn’t accept cash on delivery, as it’s an insecure system for sellers and few stores currently accept it. However, many sellers on the platform accept PayPal, which is a favorable method, since it’s well-known and preferred by many buyers as it offers double protection.

If you’re concerned about the safety of your money, you can rest assured that AliExpress is a secure platform and all its payment methods are protected by a Verisign SSL encryption system, in addition to the various methods certified by Visa and Mastercard. It should be noted that AliExpress manages the payment that’s made when the purchase is paid. This means that the seller doesn’t receive the money directly; they’ll receive it when the arrival of the order is confirmed.

For this reason, it’s never recommended to make payments outside the site or receive the money by other means. If you do so, AliExpress won’t be able to intervene in case of a possible inconvenience.

The best way to pay on AliExpress: virtual or prepaid cards

Definitely, the best way to pay is a virtual card, above all other alternatives. These cards were designed to buy online and have no physical support, they only consist of the card number.

They work in a simple way, you only have to load money on them: this ensures that you don’t get into debt unintentionally or end up with a negative balance. In addition, they don’t have a high maintenance fee (usually 1%), or a registration fee, which is usually around €5.

It’s advisable to go to the bank if you want to acquire this type of card. You should only check if they’re Visa or Mastercard for them to properly work on AliExpress.

Revolut virtual card

These cards are usually in great demand by people traveling abroad, as there are no currency exchange fees or reloading fees. In addition, to make purchases in any store you can get physical support.


For a long time, Neteller was an excellent alternative to credit cards, especially in Latin America.


Payoneer’s prepaid card works just like any other card. It’s accepted worldwide (or wherever MasterCard is accepted electronically). In some cases, you can use it to withdraw cash, which works beyond its online payment usage.

Alipay: excellent alternative, but only supports credit or debit cards

Also known as the Chinese PayPal, Alipay is one of the most common methods in China, since it’s used for almost everything. Although its features are very limited on the platform, it has been integrated into AliExpress for some time.

The security management of the AliExpress platform is carried out by Alipay, in addition to taking care of various functions such as storing your card information if you give your consent. This is done in order to streamline everything when making payments and also manage refunds.


Other banks

Most banks have these cards, and since the money must be transferred before the purchase is made, they’re regularly offered to their customers. As we’ve mentioned, they’re quite accessible and have very few associated costs. Therefore, whatever bank you prefer, ask if they have this product and the conditions of acquiring one.

Frequently asked questions on AliExpress about virtual cards

Because many of the questions that come to us are quite common, we’ll answer them here to save you some time.

Virtual cards: What are their drawbacks?

Mainly, as we’ve mentioned, some of them have issued commissions or renewal fees, besides not being able to finance purchases. Given the associated costs, our suggestion is that you take a close look at the conditions in your country.

My local currency is different: Does AliExpress accept it?

Payments must be made in US dollars, pounds, euros, or Russian rubles. If your local currency doesn’t match any of the currencies mentioned, your bank will perform the currency exchange so that you can pay for your order. You only need to check with the bank that issued the card to find out how to exchange the currency and if there are any fees associated with it.

How do I know if the virtual card will charge me commissions when I make a purchase?

We recommend reading all the conditions of use because if there’s any commission for currency exchange, it should be reflected there. Another alternative is to make a purchase and request the details to verify if any commission was applied or not.

AliExpress asks for a photo of the card but it’s virtual: What should I do?

There’s no problem even though the card is virtual, just go to your card management, and you’ll get a photo with the data you need. A screenshot will be useful to attach as proof.

Will there be a problem if I have to be reimbursed on my virtual card?

The answer to this question is a resounding no. Virtual cards are designed to receive money just like regular cards. Because the refund is not immediate, it may take a few days and in the case of a temporary or one-time use card, the money would go to the associated account.

Will a refund arrive if my virtual card has expired?

If you had to change your virtual card because the previous one expired, you have nothing to fear, since the money should reach the associated account. The issuing bank can help you if you have any further questions.

AliExpress doesn’t accept my virtual card: Why?

The transaction may not be completed if you have the exact amount of money that your order’s worth, either because your bank makes different currency exchanges and the money isn’t enough. In a really rare case, it may be that your virtual card isn’t activated to make payments on foreign pages.

What’s safer: PayPal or the virtual card?

The differences between these two options are very few. Like PayPal, Mastercard and Visa card issuers can receive claims for payments in case there’s a problem. Also, the fees charged by PayPal when placing the order may not be to your liking.

How safe is it to use a virtual card on AliExpress?

For the reasons mentioned above, we’re sure that using virtual cards in AliExpress is extremely safe. It’s important for you to know that since it’s not linked to any bank account, the virtual card is more protected against theft and fraud activities, since only what’s in the available balance can be stolen.

Is it possible to use an unlisted card on AliExpress?

Actually, it doesn’t matter which bank issued your card as long as it complies with the parameters mentioned above (Visa, Mastercard, Maestro, or American Express). Most cards are associated with these companies. It’s very unlikely that any virtual card can’t be used on AliExpress.

Secure shopping on AliExpress: How to do it?

Once you’re clear about the payment method you’re going to use, you just need to start shopping. To help you do it more safely, we provide you with many tutorials that will guide you in what you need.