How to find replica watches on AliExpress

Short version: We recommend that you take a look at the AliExpress offers in these categories (click on the link to enter):

  1. Men’s Watches
  2. Women’s Watches
  3. Children’s Watches

We also have a specific article about Rolex watches.

One of the most abundant products on aliexpress are replica watches and imitation watches, currently there are more than 3 million replicas and imitations watches and find exactly the watch we are looking for will be complicated.Price of replicas of brand watches range from €5 to €30One of the main drawbacks is that sellers cannot serve the name of the original brand by copywrite issues and make it possible to serve brands acronyms to define their products. For example the watches of the famous brand S-shock can be found by the search G-shock.

Cheap watches on AliExpress

One of the most popular searches on aliexpress to find cheap watches, with good design and quality are the following.

Curren Brand Watch

Weide Brand Watches

And a very good search to find a replica watch that is imitation you can perform this search that will return very interesting results.

Quality Fake Watches

Replica brand watches on AliExpress

In the following table we have tried to make a brief summary of the main acronyms of brand watches that can be found in aliexpress.As we have commented on the watches you can find in aliexpress have very cheap prices but they are always replicas of original watches.This table will serve as a starting point to find replicas of the brand you are looking for.

BrandAcronym 1Acronym 2Acronym 3
Armani Ar Watches
Audemars Piguet Ap Watches OAK Watches
Breitling Superocean Superocean Watch
Bulgari BLV Watch
Cartier Cart Watch Carter Watch
Citizen Citizen Watches
Daniel Wellington DW Watch
Diesel DZ Brand Watch Dieseler Watch Diesels Watch
Guess GS Brand Watch
Hublot Hub Watch
Hugo Boss Boss HB Watches
Ice-Watch Ice Cream Watch Silicone Watch
Michael Kors Michael Watch MK Watch
Mont Blanc Mont Watch
Omega Speed Master Watch Sea Master Watch
Panerai PAM Watches
Rolex Role Watch Rolex Watches R Watches
Rolex Daytona Daytona Watch
Rolex Sea Dweller DeepSea Dweller Watch DeepSea Watch
Seiko Velatura Velatura Watch
Rolex Daytona Watch
Seiko Velatura Watch Kinetic Watch Seiko Watch
Tag Heuer Tag Heur Mens Watch Tagh Watch Aquaracer Watch
Tissot Tt Motogp
U-Boat Italo Fontana u1001 Watch

Watches Shops in AliExpress

As with many products the best way to find the watch you are looking for is directly accessing the search for the acronym but sometimes we can also find reliable stores to make the purchase of a watch and here you We show a list of the best sellers of replica watches and imitation watches that we have found on aliexpress.

Aiwise (with 1 crown and more than 20,000 orders is the salesman of watches that we have found with a better valuation. In this shop we can find many watches with original designs for less than $4 that will be sure to convince by its design and its reduced price. The 96% of users satisfied with the purchase in this shop gives guarantees of satisfaction in the purchase.)

Utopia (Min Order 1pc) (with 2 crowns and more than 70,000 sales this store has more than a 97% satisfaction of its customers and in it we can find many sporting and elegant watches for men and women.)

Q-Star Fashion Store (min order 1pc) (with 1 crown and more than 27,000 sales is another of the best sellers of imitation watches on aliexpress. Q-Star has more than 96% positive ratings and is constantly varying its watch offerings and surprising with excellent discount coupons on its best-selling products.

Tricks to better filter imitation watch searches on aliexpress

Sometimes the searches return many results that include watches for men, watches for women, bracelets and accessories. To get a better search result it is best to add the acronym “Man” or “woman” and also perform the search in English “women” and “men”

Another good trick to have better results in the search is to make the filters first showing the results of the best valued products as this result will show the watches that have best convinced other buyers and also see what is Topicality right now.

When doing a search of replica watches on the left side of the screen will also show us a series of filters with parameters that indicate the vendors to locate before the type of clock you’re looking for where we can find generic categories such as mens watches, sports watches, Business watches and a long list that will vary depending on the brand and information that vendors indicate about the watches they have available.

Quality replica Watches

The replicas sold in AliExpress will not have the same quality as the original watches of the brands since the products with which they are manufactured are not the same but still the replicas that are sold in AliExpress have a good resistance.

All products that are sold on AliExpress have passed all quality controls for selling products so we can be sure of their resistance to the passage of time.

How to find the best watch on AliExpress

Once you find the watch you want to buy it is very important to do some verifications to ensure that the seller is of quality and confidence.AliExpress does not sell directly, they are the stores that sell their products directlyBefore you buy you have to look at a few simple points that we now indicate.

Diamonds or crowns of the seller, this will indicate the quality assigned aliexpress to the store, a shop with a crown or two diamonds is already trusted.

The number of orders that have been made in a store is also very important, we by default never buy in a store with less than 1,000 sales.

The percentage of positive ratings will indicate the satisfaction of the customers who have bought in this store and with more than 95%-96% is more than enough to trust it.If you have any questions about the clock, shipping and return costs, clock features or any doubt the best thing is to contact directly with the seller who will answer any questions that may arise.Visit all watches on AliExpress and start looking for yours