AliExpress “Accepted by airline”: what does it mean?

Yes, when checking the status of your order on the platform AliExpress, you notice that it says “accepted by airline” and you are not sure what it means, rest assured. Next, we explain in detail what you need to know.

“Accepted by the airline”: what does it mean?

In AliExpress, there are two ways for your order to reach its destination: by air or by sea.

Therefore, if the order you have requested is sent by plane, the logistics company will take it to the airport and from there they will send it to the country of destination. At this point in the process, your purchase will appear on the platform as “Accepted by airline”.

Then, once the order finally arrives at its destination, the customs clearance process will begin at the destination airport.

My order has been in this status for several days, should I do something?

Don’t worry, the answer is no. Remember that it is an extremely normal process and that all AliExpress orders go through and you should not do anything.

Even so, you should know that, according to our experience and knowledge of the subject, your package will appear in this status “Accepted by airline” between a week and a week and a half. Later, it will change its status.

However, if you consider that too much has passed since the purchase and your order is still in that status and you want more information, we recommend that you read our article “What should I do if my AliExpress orders do not arrive?“.

What’s next?

Once your order passes the status “accepted by airline”, the next step will begin: customs clearance. This process starts only when your order is at the airport.

At this time, the customs agents check that everything is correct and, if everything goes well, Correos will admit the package and take it to a Mass Administration Center, known as CAM. Remember that this change of status, in AliExpress, will be seen as “arrival at the distribution center”; If you want to know more you can consult this article “Arrival at the distribution center in AliExpress, what does it mean?” that We publish especially for you.

For your peace of mind, we clarify that in most cases, the packages pass this process without any problem. Also, think that if the amount of your order is less than 22 euros, the process is faster, because it is exempt from VAT.

Now, if you want to know a little more about shipments that are exempt from paying any tax, we recommend that you read our article “How do the customs when buying on AliExpress?“, where you will find more detailed information.

Should I check the status of my order daily?

We recommend that you check the status of your order once a week, since if you do it daily you can get desperate and it really isn’t necessary.

Normally, you receive your purchases in 2 or 3 weeks after placing the order, there is even the possibility that it arrives earlier. Also, remember that all orders have a period of 75 days in which they are protected.

Even so, if for some reason your package appears as delivered and you have not received it, you must claim immediately. To do this, remember that you have 15 days to open a dispute on AliExpress.

We advise you to click check here because you can find a direct link the status of your order. Also, we invite you to read our article “AliExpress: package delivered but not received“, in the You will find complete information on the steps you must follow to solve any type of incident.