Order delivered but not received on AliExpress, what to do?

When purchasing products on AliExpress, the first thing we do is to track their location through the browser or its mobile application. But we can be surprised with the notice “Order Delivered” and not received on AliExpress if we still don’t have the package at home.

In this article, we tell you why it happens, what you should do if it’s happening to you right now and how to fix it. To see the status of your order, you can click on this link.

The order is displayed as “delivered” but hasn’t arrived: What should I do?

For those cases in which “Order Delivered” is displayed and not received, it may be due to several causes, among which are:

  • Your tracking number is wrong, AliExpress sellers in some cases may make a mistake or provide a false one.
  • It may be a human error on the part of the delivery person.
  • It’s possible that the package was delivered to a family member or a person who was at home, other than you.
  • For logistical reasons, the order protection period has expired and AliExpress has directly confirmed receipt.

In this case, what you should do is copy the tracking number of the order and make an inquiry on a tracking website for international shipments. Some of them could be Postal Ninja or ParcelsApp.

This will help you to track your package in a real way since it won’t be an option to do it directly on the AliExpress website.

In case you confirm the successful delivery of your order, we recommend you to contact the seller and tell them what has happened. To do so, you can follow this link.

When you talk to the seller of the product, they will be able to provide you with the tracking number again. If it’s different from the previous one, you will have to track it again and be attentive to avoid the expiration of the protection period. Remember that this lasts only 15 days. This protection will allow you to open a dispute, if necessary.

In cases where you confirm with the seller that the order has been delivered, and the address corresponds to your home, the solution will be to contact the post office in charge of the delivery of the package.

If your shipment is registered, the post office will be able to provide you with information about who has received the package.

Please note that all other deliveries can be made to post boxes and don’t require a signature to record the delivery. At this point, it’s time to assume that the package was stolen.

Open a dispute: your last option

After all of the above, is there an alternative? The answer is yes. If the seller of your product hasn’t responded, or you’re not satisfied with their response, there’s one last alternative: open a dispute. To start, you should go to the “Open dispute” option in the order in question. You can do it through this link.

In disputes, you’ll be allowed to add evidence such as screenshots showing the tracking number. In general, AliExpress always accepts disputes without asking many questions, and you will only have to wait for a refund.

Order confirmed but not delivered: What to do?

These cases usually occur when the protection expires and AliExpress has marked the order as confirmed. If this is happening to you, don’t waste time. You should open a dispute without contacting the seller or waiting for answers (click on this link).

Consider the international tracking websites mentioned above. They will help you to corroborate the status of your package. This offers great reliability regardless of which shipping company is handling your order.