“Arrival in destination country” What does it mean in AliExpress?

When we make purchases and make the payment, it is necessary to know the status of the payment. But what does “arrival in country of destination” mean? This and other questions will be resolved in this article, for now we invite you to check the status of your orders at the following link.

Do you know the meaning of “arrival in destination country” in AliExpress?

The “arrival in country of destination” in AliExpress is nothing more than the notice that is presented once your order is near or is already in your country. It is a notice that can be given regardless of the type of trip you have had, that is, air or sea.

After receiving the notice, what steps do you follow?

After the “arrival in the country of destination” in AliExpress, other steps will be presented that will allow you to track your packages and these are:

Customs clearance

Customs is the control through which all packages and products must pass whenever they come from outside the European Union. Occasionally there are problems with packages at customs, but it is not something that should cause you concern, since this step is usually quick and is nothing more than a formality.

If, on the other hand, your order is in one of the warehouses that AliExpress has in the European Union, customs clearance is a step that you can skip without any problem.

Accepted by logistics operator

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Once the orders leave customs, they are delivered to the state company of your country, who will be in charge of taking them to the door of your home.

Arrival at the distribution center

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At this point, the packages arrive at the Correos centers, where, after being classified, they are forwarded to the centers that correspond to the areas whose final destination is closest. They arrive at large Post Office centers to be delivered to the centers closest to you.

Arrival at delivery office

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The arrival at the delivery office represents one of the last steps before having your order at home. It means that it is already in the center or office of your city: it will be a matter of hours or days for the postman to deliver it.

Courier begins to deliver order

At this point, it will only be a matter of a few hours before the postman knocks on your door or leaves your package in the mailbox.

My order is stuck on “arrival in destination country”: what does it mean and what should I do?

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It is a common case that packages can suffer jams in “arrival at destination country” to understand why it will be necessary:

Check that the shipment is regular

If the shipments are ordinary, you will be able to track your package while it is not within your country. Once it arrives, the tracking will not work and it will go back forward when it is delivered by the postman. At this point it will be displayed as: “order completed”. Note that you can always check the status here.