AliExpress: Which cashback platform to choose to buy?

If you are a regular buyer of AliExpress, you already know that the offers and extremely low prices that it offers cannot be compared with what you will find if you buy in a physical store, but did you know that you can save more when making your purchases?

There are many platforms that allow you to buy on AliExpress and get a refund of what you have spent on said platform, through the cashback system.

In this article we will tell you what points you should take into account when choosing your cashback platform, which ones are available and which one suits you.

Cashback: a new way to save

The operation of the cashback platforms is very simple: they are associated with certain stores, and they offer us links through which we can buy from them.

After our purchase is made, each store pays a percentage to the cashback platform, and part of that percentage is destined for us, the buyers.

You can use the money that you get back for buying in a certain online store as you want, since you can even transfer it to your bank account.

Although the cashback system is the same for all platforms, each one has its own rules, so we recommend that you follow the requirements that each page sets to the letter so that you can get part of the money back, comp reward.

In our article on the best cashback pages you can find an in-depth analysis of each of them.

Once you get familiar with how the system works, you can save a lot of money.

With what cashback platforms can we save on AliExpress?

Next, we will tell you which are the cashback platforms associated with AliExpress.

1. Letyshops

Letyshops is one of the platforms of best-known cashback If you haven’t heard of it, you can learn about it in our Letyshops article.

It is associated with thousands of stores, including AliExpress, and offers a 5% cashback rate on clothing, mobile accessories, interior and garden items. You can also get a 1% refund on the rest of the products, even if they are not included in the categories mentioned above. In this link you can see the stores that do not offer cashback, that is, in which you will have a 0% refund with Letyshops.

This platform offers extended cashback (once a week, approximately, you can get a 25% refund), the maximum percentage of cashback per order will be €34.50 and you will receive €5 for each friend you invite.

Although you will have a welcome coupon of € 5 if you register by the invitation of a friend, except in that case the use of coupons is not allowed, but you will have at your fingertips a large number of selected and limited offers to save more.

You can access the AliExpress page at Letyshops here< /a>.

2. Mega bonuses

On Megabonus, the fixed percentage of cashback is a little lower than on other platforms, being 4.91% .

The purchase conditions stipulate a 2.41% return on mobile phones, laptops, desktops, audio or video equipment, external and internal drives and computer peripherals; 0.5% on specialty store electronics (which you can see at this link) and 4.91% on everything else.

You can see the AliExpress page on Megabonus at this link.

Megabonus indicates the stores where you cannot buy with cashback (here) and which ones have a reduced cashback on AliExpress (here). This means that it is not valid in all of AliExpress.

The maximum amount of cashback that you can receive per order will be €19.26.

The use of coupons is not enabled, nor will you have a welcome coupon. Even so, you can invite your friends to use this platform and receive 50% of the cashback they have accumulated.

3. myWorld

At myWorld you will have 2% cashback on AliExpress.

The platform offers extended cashback, but the percentage is not multiplied (as in the case of Letyshops), but rather grows a bit.

The maximum amount of cashback that you will receive for each order is not indicated.

You will be able to use coupons, although you will not receive welcome coupons or benefits for inviting your friends.

In addition, although it is not specified, the use of this platform may not be valid, throughout AliExpress.

If you want to see the AliExpress store in myWorld, you can do it here .

4. beruby

Beruby is one of the first cashback pages and, together with Letyshops, one of the most used. If you don’t know her, you can learn more about her in our article about Beruby.

Beruby offers 0.60% in AliExpress in selected stores and 0% in those that do not accept cashback (you can see both lists at this link</ a>). In the rest of the articles, it offers a cashback of up to 5.40%.

The maximum amount of cashback that you can receive per order will be €22.40, and the platform does not offer extended cashback.

You can use coupons on this platform, and you will receive a €6 welcome coupon. Also, for each friend you invite, you will receive 50% of their accumulated cashback.

5. Shoppiday

Shoppiday is another of the cashback platforms associated with AliExpress. The maximum cashback is 5.28%, although those sellers without cashback or who work with a lower amount of cashback are not specified, although it does warn that it is not usable in all of AliExpress.

In addition, you cannot claim the cashback from AliExpress, even if you have made the purchase correctly and without errors.

Shoppiday offers extended cashback and does not state a maximum cashback amount per order.

Although the use of coupons is not allowed, you will receive a welcome coupon of €20 and €10 for each friend you invite and use the platform.

You can see the AliExpress page on Shoppiday here.

6. Widilo

The cashback platform Widilo has 5.45% cashback on clothing, mobile accessories, interior items and accessories of garden. In addition, it has a 3.64% cashback in other accessories and categories, 2.78% in products without a category, and 0.9% in selected stores (such as Xiaomi or Huawei).

Sometimes it offers extended cashback, which is easy to get in recognized stores, such as Aliexpress. The cashback will be extended in the stores of your choice, the more you buy.

Since Widilo does not provide a list of sellers that do not accept cashback, we may try to place an order where cashback is not accepted. In addition, claims are not accepted if your cashback is rejected.

The maximum amount of reimbursement per order will be €20.

You will be able to use coupons, but only those provided by Widilo, and you will receive €5 in a welcome coupon and €3 for each friend who uses the platform recommended by you.

Visit the AliExpress store in Widilo here.

7. iGraal

iGraal is one of the platforms with the lowest cashback on AliExpress. The reimbursement percentage will be 1.5%, although it will not be valid on books or gifts.

The platform offers extended cashback. You can find it every so often at 3%.

As a plus point, all items are included except books and gift cards.

The maximum amount of cashback per order is €20 and you can use discount coupons, but only those given by iGraal. You will receive a €3 welcome discount coupon and every time you invite a friend you will receive €3 + 10% of their cashback forever.

You can see the AliExpress page on iGraal here.

8. With permission

This platform has the highest AliExpress cashback of all, reaching up to 6%, but it does not offer extended cashback and does not inform us of those stores that do not accept cashback or have reduced cashback.

You can get 6% of cashbacks in clothing, household items and mobile accessories, while you will get 1.8% in technological products, 0.56% in selected stores (which are not specified) and 4.8% in other categories .

There is no maximum amount of cashback on your orders, but you will not be able to use any type of coupon, nor will you receive a welcome coupon. Even so, for each of your first 10 guests you will receive €1 and a minimum of 10% of the cashback they generate.

You can visit the AliExpress section in Consupermiso here.

Of all these platforms, which is the best to buy on AliExpress?

As you have seen, some platforms are better in some aspects than others, with Consupermiso and Letyshops being the most prominent.

Consupermiso has a higher fixed cashback percentage, but Letyshops can extend theirs up to 25% sometimes.

Consupermiso does not have a maximum return cashback per order, while in Letyshops the maximum return amount is €34.50. Even so, the purchases we make on AliExpress are usually not of a high amount. This leads us to Letyshops being the most recommended platform in most cases.

In addition to the features mentioned, Letyshops has a browser extension that warns us when the cashback is not properly activated, so that we do not lose money on our purchases, and also allows us to check the cashback rate of an item (for which you will have than paste your link here). Neither of these two options are available in Consupermiso.