What is the best cashback platform to make purchases?

Cashback platforms have appeared to help us save more on our purchases, and their success has led to users having many platforms to choose from.

So that you are not overwhelmed with the number of cashback sites you can use, in this article we will analyze the best known on the market and help you choose the one that suits you best.

What are the best known cashback platforms?

Next, we will tell you which are the most used cashback platforms and the points that you should take into account in each of them.

1. Letyshops

Letyshops may be one of the most used cashback platforms at the moment, since it has good reviews from users.

If you want to know more about this platform, which is associated with more than 3,700 stores, you can read our article on Letyshops.

2. Shoppiday

Shoppiday is associated with more than 900 stores, offers exclusive coupons and also has good user reviews.

A highlight of this platform is that it presents a section for discount coupons that you can redeem in physical supermarkets, showing them from your mobile or printing them.

3. Widilo

Widilo is a well-known cashback platform in Spain, France and Belgium.

It is associated with more than 1,500 stores, where you can increase your cashback percentage if you make your purchases from there.

4. Mega bonuses

Megabonus is associated with more than 3,000 stores. Some of them are very well known, such as Shein, AliExpress and Booking.

Although you will not have a welcome coupon, you will get 50% of the cashback accumulated by each friend you refer.

5. beruby

Beruby is one of the first cashback platforms to hit the market.

One point in favor of this page is that you can earn money by browsing other pages, either by answering surveys or watching videos.

If you want to know more, you can read our article about Beruby and learn how to get more out of this platform.

6. myWorld

myWorld is associated with more than 150,000 stores in more than 70 countries around the world.

Even so, it offers a considerably lower cashback percentage than other platforms, and has no other extra benefits that can make it stand out in the list of available options.

7. Aklamio

Aklamio is a cashback platform associated with more than 1,500 stores and available in several EU countries (we can find it in Spain, Germany, Italy and France).

Of those 1,500 stores, only 150 are in Spain, so the offer for the Spanish public is relatively small.

Another point against it is that it does not have cashback for AliExpress (although it does for Shein), so we will not be able to use it to buy on this renowned sales platform.

8. iGraal

iGraal has more than 500 associated stores in Spain (such as AliExpress, Asos, Booking, Nike and El Corte Inglés) .

In addition, it has many other associated stores in other countries of the European Union.

9. Consupermiso

Consupermiso also offers us the possibility of saving more by completing offers (we can get up to €1 cashback) or receive emails with offers of €0.06.

Cashback: how does it work?

The cashback system is very simple, although the rules usually vary depending on the platform you use. The general concept is that, after paying for your purchase, a certain percentage of the money you spent will be returned to you, so you can save it or use it for other purchases.

Cashback is available on world-renowned pages, such as AliExpress, Shein or Sephora, so you can take advantage of it if you are a regular user of these online platforms.

The benefit is based on advertising: cashback platforms advertise the stores they are associated with and provide us with a link to buy from them. When we use this link, the stores pay them a commission, and a percentage will be for us.

As you may have noticed, you must use the link provided by the platform to make the purchase. Otherwise, they will not refund your money.

For example, if you want to make a purchase through Shoppiday at IKEA to take advantage of the cashback, you must do it from the link provided by Shoppiday.

We recommend you buy once you know what you are going to buy, in order to take advantage of the cashback.

Don’t use too many cashback platforms at the same time

As we have told you, the money will accumulate as it is returned to you, so we recommend that you use only one or two cashback platforms.

In addition to being more practical, most platforms ask you for a minimum amount of spending to be able to transfer the balance to a bank account, so it is always a good idea to add it up on one or two platforms, instead of having small amounts divided in several.

Do not use two different cashback extensions in the same browser

There are browser extensions that help you use cashback platforms by letting you know if it’s activated correctly or if a store is associated with the platform you’re using or not.

We recommend using these extensions, but please note that if you use more than one cashback platform, you will need to install their respective extensions in different browsers.

If you install both extensions in the same browser, your cashback may be blocked.

We also recommend uninstalling any ad blockers you may have installed, as they interfere with cashback being activated.

Analysis: which cashback platform offers us the most benefits?

Next, we will analyze point by point what benefits cashback platforms offer us and in what aspect each one stands out.

Number of associated stores

Regarding the number of associated stores, we find that myWorld, Letyshops, Megabonus and Widilo are the ones that offer us a greater range of possibilities to buy.

At the opposite extreme, Aklamio and Consupermiso are the ones with the fewest associated stores, so we should think carefully before using them as cashback platforms.

Extended Cashback

Widilo is the store that stands out the most when it comes to offering extended cashback, since the cashback in your favorite stores expands as you buy more from them.

On the other hand, Beruby, Aklamio and Consupermiso do not offer extended cashback, so they are at a disadvantage compared to the other platforms.

Reward program when inviting friends

Almost all platforms except myWorld give rewards for inviting friends to use the platform.

Aklamio does not give rewards for referring someone, but you can refer a store to a friend and get a commission from their purchase.

Megabonus and Beruby do not give an instant benefit, but you will receive 50% of the accumulated balance for each friend you invite.

The reward for each friend who signs up will vary by platform:

  • Letyshops offers €5.
  • Shoppiday offers €10.
  • Widilo will give you €3.
  • iGraal will give you €3 + 10% of the cashback they accumulate forever.
  • Consupermiso will give you €1 for each of the first 10 friends you refer and at least 10% of the cashback they generate.

Welcome Coupon

Megabonus, myWorld, Aklamio and Consupermiso do not offer welcome coupons.

The amount of the coupons will vary on the pages that do offer it:

  • In Letyshops it will be €5 if you register through a friend.
  • In Beruby it will be €6.
  • At Shoppiday it will be €20.
  • In Widili, €5.
  • In iGraal it will be €3.

Exclusive coupons

Beruby, Shoppiday, Widilo, iGraal and myWorld offer exclusive coupons with which you can save even more on your purchases.

Browser Extension

All platforms offer browser extensions, which will keep you on your toes so you don’t lose your cashback (remember to use one extension per browser).

In addition, Widilo will give you €1 for installing its extension, while Consupermiso will give you €0.10 for each month installed.

Cashback for browsing other pages

Almost no platform offers this benefit, only Beruby and Consupermiso.

Which platform should I use?

As you have seen, some platforms stand out at one point or another. So we recommend that you choose the two that suit you best and divide your money between those two.

After the comparison, we conclude that Beruby (because it has a higher cashback in well-known stores) and Letyshops (because of its effective extension and its large number of associated stores) are the two most recommended platforms.

In addition, Beruby offers you benefits for interacting with pages, as we have told you before, and its refer-a-friend program will save you much more money.

Although both platforms are the best, Beruby is the one that ultimately offers the most benefits.