How to get AliExpress discounts with the Bonus Buddies game

The platform AliExpress is characterized by the ease with which you can get discounts and coupons.

We have already explained a way to get these coupons in our article on welcome coupons, so that today we will focus on how these discounts can be obtained through the games of the mobile application (which you can download directly from the store of your phone or from this link), especially with the game called Bonus Buddies.

What are the discounts Bonus Buddies gives us?

Bonus Buddies gives you an initial discount, and three chances to hit the jackpot, which is around €180 in discount coupons, on a daily basis.

You will be able to get extra games (in addition to those three opportunities) if you share the link with your friends or acquaintances.

How to play?

You can access the game from this link, o desde the mobile application, available for iOS and Android. You can find the application identified in different ways, depending on the operating system and the update number, but it usually looks like this:

For participating, you will already receive an initial bonus, while you can try to spin the wheel to reach the maximum prize (which is usually $200USD or €180).

By spinning the wheel, you can get tricks to win (they give you clues to win the maximum prize), lucky points that give you the possibility of winning the maximum prize (30 points are 30% chance), a bonus (money that is added to the total won and you can claim it when you reach the goal), or a prize (you can claim the amount of the coupons without having to spin the wheel again).

The last option is the most convenient, although the most common is to win a bonus.


Although you can earn a lot this way, you will most likely need more games to accumulate what you need. The game allows you to win extra games by browsing specific articles or pages for 20 seconds and then inviting your friends or acquaintances through a link, which you can send via Instagram, Facebook or Whatsapp, as well as by email, with a QR code or copy the link to share it on other platforms.

This option works even if your friends are already AliExpress users, but one person can only help three different people per day.

You should also keep in mind that you have 24 hours to reach the maximum prize. After this time, the game will restart.

How to use the final prize money won?

If you manage to reach the maximum prize within 24 hours, you must press the “get the bonus” button.

As this benefit is linked to AliPay, you will be asked for a security verification, consisting of linking the bank card and confirming the coupon request. The maximum prize may be awarded in one or several coupons.

The coupon can be used on all the items in your shopping cart, but it will be valid for only 20 days.

In addition, the coupon will not be exchangeable for money, nor will it be refunded in case we open a dispute or cancel the order.

Avoid fraud

As always, there are people trying to take advantage of these promotions to find the easiest and fastest way to get them. You should know that AliExpress is responsible for tracking users with unusual activities, so this may bring you more problems than solutions.

Next, we will mention some cases in which the bonus will not be applicable:

If you have another account

If you link the same card to two different accounts, or if AliExpress finds out in another way that you have two active accounts, it can block one or worse, both accounts.

If you use a foreign credit card

If the issuing bank of the bank card is not European, the bonus will not be applicable. This promotion is only available for certain countries, such as Spain, France, Holland, Italy and Germany.

The bonus will not be applicable either if your card was not issued in the same country or district in which you are located.

If you cheat to get more games

In this case, AliExpress is within its rights not to let you play more or not give you the coupon, despite having won it. We recommend going the legal route and inviting your family and friends, sharing the link.

Can’t access the game?

We recommend you read our article on Aliexpress login and coupon errors, but if you want to play, a message such as “for security reasons, this request cannot be processed for now” appears, this is an indication that your account has been partially blocked by AliExpress.

You may have logged in with more than one account on the same device, or with the same card from different devices.

Combine Coupons

Once the coupon has been won, it will appear in the coupons section with all its details (validity, type, minimum amount, etc.). If you meet all the requirements of the coupon in your purchase, you only have to add it when making your purchase.

This type of coupon is cumulative with other coupons or discounts offered by the store, and we recommend that you learn more about it with our article on coupons of AliExpress.