Guide to get a student discount at Shein

The Shein platform always offers discounts and coupons so that its users can get good quality clothes at affordable prices, and in our article about how to get Shein coupons we show you some trick to know that the coupons that the page has available.

Today we are going to tell you about a particular discount: the one offered by Shein to students.

This discount is 15% on all purchases and in this article we will tell you all about it.

Student discount at Shein

The student section on the Shein platform where you had to validate with documentation that you were a student, is no longer active.

Now the student discount is achieved through the Unidays page, a page aimed at university students with discounts for Shein, Nike, Apple, Adidas and other well-known brands.

How to get the student discount?

The requirement to get this discount, in addition to being a university student, is to have an institutional email address (many usually end in .edu), and some kind of documentation that proves your studies.

Once you have everything at hand, you will have to register on the Unidays platform, which you can access from this link. If you do not have an institutional account, you can use your personal account, but we recommend the first one.

You will only be able to access the discounts once you upload your personal information and documentation proving that you are a student.

How to verify that you are a student?

You will have to fill in the platform, the date you started your studies and the approximate duration of your studies, as well as send the documentation that proves it, such as your student card, proof of scholarship, among other things.

Then, your account will begin the validation process. For this you may have to verify an email in your institutional account, or you may have to wait for your documentation to be verified.

Once the account is verified as a student account, you will be able to access the discount.

Countries from which you can use the discount

Unidays discounts can be taken advantage of by students from all over the world, as long as you are studying at a university and are over 16 years old you can benefit from the possibilities of this platform.

Validity of the Shein student discount

Once your account has been validated, you will be able to start using the discount, which will last until the date that appears on the identification document. If the discount ceases to be available sooner, you can re-apply for verification.

In the event that Shein ceases to be one of the stores participating in the Unidays program, the discount will also no longer be active.

How to shop with the discount

You will have to go to the Shein section on the Unidays page, click on it and click on the button to get the coupon (it will only appear if your student account is already verified).

When you click, you will get a discount code to use in your Shein shopping cart. This coupon is not cumulative with other coupons, so if you have other coupons with more discount, we recommend you to use that one and not the one Unidays gives you.

What you can combine is the coupon and discount points or a gift card, and take advantage of the fact that it does not require a minimum purchase.

Find discount coupons for Shein

There is an extension that allows you to search for those discounts that you can use whether or not you are a student, and that are associated with a discount of 10 to 20% on your purchases.

This extension is for Google Chrome and you can download it for free here to save on your purchases.  As we mentioned before, in our article on how to get Shein coupons we tell you in detail how to get the best discount coupons available for Shein.

Student discount vs. other discounts

In our article on how to save at Shein you will see that there are several ways to save money on this platform, so we recommend you check if there are other coupons or bigger discounts available, which are just as easy to get as the student discount.

You will see that, in addition to coupons, you can save money by participating in contests, with gift cards, games and cashback sites.