Shein: tips and tricks to save money

There are many ways to save on Shein. In this article we will give you several tips and tricks that you can use if you want to keep a little more money for yourself.

What methods can you use to save money on Shein

1.- Surveys

If you answer the surveys that Shein sends you once you are subscribed to the newsletter, you can add points to use them in your purchases or get some gift vouchers. You can subscribe when the ads appear or at the bottom of the home page.

2.- Coupons

One of Shein’s plus points is that they provide their own coupons for their users to use whenever they want (or until they expire). They usually appear unannounced, so we recommend that you keep an eye on the home page.

The coupons you want to use can be found in the “My Coupons” tab and then applied to your purchases without any problems.

Bonus Fact: you can also get coupons if you search on your own on Google. However, most of these do not work.

3.- Cashback

Shein also allows you to pay for your purchases from other platforms or cashback applications. These will allow you to recover between 2% and 20% of the total value of the purchase.

How to do it?

It’s quite simple, just choose the store in these applications and then make your purchase as you normally do.

4.- Newsletter board

Surely this is one of the most used resources by people who love deals and saving money in general. If you sign up for the newsletter you will receive different notifications that will let you know what are the trends of the week, discounts, promotions and even gift coupons that you can use.

Best of all, you will be able to find out about the offers much earlier and make use of them before the clothes run out.

5.- Contests offered by Shein

Shein also offers its consumers several contests so that they can easily earn Shein points. These are about creating outfits with products from the store, following the characteristics and parameters of the contest.

These parameters are sometimes influenced by the season of the year or also by the trends that are going on at the moment.

Several winners are chosen, so don’t worry because you probably have a chance to win, plus you also get points just for participating.

6.- Gift cards

Gift cards must be purchased, but it is a recommended way to save money. The price you buy the cards for is much less than the discount the cards give you.

These cards have an expiration date of 120 months right after you buy them, so you can use them with all the peace of mind in the world. To learn more about these cards, you can access them through this link.

7.- Sales

The sale section of Shein is divided into different sections so you can locate them more easily. Access this section from this link.


Important fact: you should know that this section changes regularly, so if you want to get the best deals, it is recommended that you check from time to time the discounts offered by Shein in the section you want.

8.- Shein Points

You can learn more about this method in our article on How to earn points on Shein.


Shein can give you their own points, which also work as discount coupons. Every 100 Shein points gives you $1 that you can use to pay for 70% of your order. In the app you will be able to get points as well, so we recommend you to log in several times a day.

Some ways to get points with this method:  

  • Check your email.
  • Check in at the store.
  • Complete all your information when you register in the store.
  • Make multiple purchases.
  • Participate in the contests.
  • See the living of Shein’s collaborators.
  • Share the outfits you make.
  • Comment.

Points usually expire after three months, so it’s best to use them sooner.

9.- Live from Shein’s collaborators

It is normal for Shein to collaborate with famous people on the Internet, especially if they are linked to the world of fashion. These influencers do “lives” or lives where you can get promotional codes. Sometimes, they can give them through their own social networks or appear among the living, so you have to be aware.

10.- Games in Shein

There are various games on Shein that you can play to get points, discounts, free shipping and save some money. Among the most famous games is Roulette and stacking boxes.

Important fact: the games are not always available, but they usually come out when the seasons change or on special dates such as Valentine’s Day.

11.- Shein Coupon Finder

This free Chrome extension helps you find coupons when you’re about to make a purchase on Shein. You can download it here and read more about it in our article on How to get coupons in Shein.

12.- Follow influencers

Fashion influencers often do collaborations with stores like Shein.

They may make posts reviewing articles and under the publications they make you will find their own promotional codes.

Tip: Try searching Youtube for “Shein discount code” and watch a video. The code will probably appear in the description.

Is it possible to get free trials?

Again, the answer is yes. With this option you will not only have free shipping, but you will also be able to purchase Shein products without spending anything out of your pocket thanks to the free trials.

They are not easy to achieve, since many people participate daily, but the best thing you can do is keep insisting until you achieve it.

Tip to make it a little easier: You can take advantage of the three weekly subscriptions, in addition to visiting the section regularly. To enter, you must click on this link. If you want to know a little more about Shein’s free tests, you can read this article: Shein Test Centers.

Can I get free shipping?

The answer is yes. In this part we will give you several tips to get free shipping:

  • New customers: A plus that Shein gives is that if you register for the first time on the platform they give you free shipping.
  • Free Shipping Sundays: Not easy to catch, as they are triggered randomly.
  • Play roulette: in this game you can get free shipping along with other benefits.
  • Exceed the minimum purchase amount.
  • Newsletter: This method not only works to get discounts, but also free shipping.
  • Use the application: if you do the small missions that are in the application you can get a free shipping coupon.
  • Wednesday live: As we mentioned before, during the live with Shein collaborators you can get one of these coupons.

If you want more information about free shipping, you can read our article: Get free shipping at Shein.

Can all these tips and tricks be combined?

That’s right, and the best thing is that if you do it you will be getting the most out of all the information that we give you in this article.

However, you must remember that you can only use one coupon for each order, that is, you will need several free shipping coupons if you fill more than one basket. That would be one of the biggest problems, since you will have to use your ingenuity to take advantage of these tips and save the most.