Find original branded items on AliExpress

Users’ biggest doubts when buying on AliExpress are related to brands and the possibility that these are fakes. Although the platform has been working perfectly for many years as a means to process purchases, there are still some insecurities when looking for an item, especially if you want it to be from a particular renowned brand.

But then… How to find original brands on AliExpress?

You have to know that this Chinese shopping portal doesn’t allow counterfeits, as they’re totally forbidden, besides being practically eradicated from the platform. Even so, we’ll give you a series of tips to make sure you are buying an original product.

AliExpress: Seal of Authenticity

In its beginnings, AliExpress grew so exponentially fast that it was difficult to control the sale of counterfeit items. Over time, it managed to control this problem and one of its first actions as a method of control for this situation was the creation of this badge:


This allowed users to verify whether a product was reliable or not since the stores or sellers that carried this badge had previously gone through a whole validation process in AliExpress.

In case you bought a product that later turned out to be fake, AliExpress would give you a full refund without any difficulties.

Imitations or original items?

After the exhaustive need to completely eradicate any possibility of fraud or scam towards users, AliExpress has decided to suspend this legitimate license.

This doesn’t mean that they no longer offer a warranty. On the contrary, all products are covered by buyer protection. If you discover that the item that has reached your hands is fake, you can open a dispute and the shopping portal will refund you the full amount of funds invested in the transaction.

With the implementation of these new policies, you can be quite calm when buying branded products on AliExpress, as no seller would be better off losing all the money from the purchase.

What brands can be found on AliExpress?

Below, we’ll leave you a list in alphabetical order of original brands that you can find on AliExpress. You should keep in mind that the catalog is constantly updated, so the absence of a brand on the list doesn’t imply that you can’t find their items on the platform. If you’re looking for an item of a brand that doesn’t appear in this article, don’t hesitate to search for yourself for its availability on the website.


Adidas (Yeezy, Ultra Boost, Leggings, Chandal, Calcetines, Ozweego, Predator, Gazelle, Terrex), Armani, AOC, ASUS, Axe.


Balmain, Barbour, Birkenstock, Bosch, Braun.


Calvin Klein, Canon, Carhartt, Carolina Herrera, Casio, Cecotec, Chanel, Christian Dior, Clarins, Coach, Converse, Coolway.


De’Longhi, DELL, DJI, DKNY, Dove, Dr. Martens, Dreame, Dsquared, Durex.


Electrolux, Energy sistem.


Fairy, Fendi, Fila, Finish, Fred Perry.


Garnier Fructis, Givenchy, Google Nest, Guess, G-Shock, Gymshark.


Helly Hansen, Hermes, Hisense, HP, Hunter.




Karcher, Kenzo.


L’Oreal, La Strada, Lacoste, Le Coq Sportif, Lego, Levi’s, LG, Loewe, Lola casademunt.


Massimo Dutti, Michael Kors, Miu Miu, Montblanc, Moschino, Mou (botas), MSI, Munich.


Napapijri, Nike (270, 720, Adapt B, Air Force 1, Air Max, Air Max 90, Air Max 97, Blazer, Blazer Mid 77, Cortez, Dunk, Huaraches, Jordan, Jordan 1, Mercurial, SB Dunk Low, Tech Fleece, Uptempo, Vaporfly, Vapormax, Z), Nikon, Nintendo (Switch, Switch Lite), NYX.


Oakley, Olay, Oral-B, Orbegozo.


Panama Jack, Philips, Playmobil, Popa, Prada, Puma.




Ralph Lauren (Gorras Ralph Lauren), Reebok, Rexona, Rowenta, Russell Hobbs.


Samsung, Skechers, Superdry, Tefal, Tommy Hilfiger, Tous.


Under Armour.


Valentino, Vans, Veja, Versace.






Zadig et Voltaire.

Are replicas totally eliminated?

We can’t say for sure that they’re totally eradicated, however, we do know that there are more stores that offer good products. We’ll give you some short tips to evaluate the possible counterfeit of a product:

  • The store isn’t very old: counterfeit sellers usually close their stores after a short period of time.
  • The name of the store is dubious. You should be wary of sellers who have generic names or many numbers in their usernames.
  • It’s extremely cheaper than usual.
  • The logo or brand name is hidden or modified: avoid inverted logos and products of brands with names too similar to the well-known ones.

What should I do if I have already bought a counterfeit item?

In case this happens, you have different options:

  • If the item has already arrived to you, you should open a dispute process to get your money back.
  • Chinese customs may have intercepted the order, in which case you should open a dispute and get your money back.
  • Your country’s customs may destroy the counterfeit. You can also open a dispute for this, and you’ll get your money back.

As you can see, the worst thing that can happen to you if you accidentally buy a replica is to get involved in disputes, customs notifications, etc. But all this usually has a satisfactory resolution for the buyer.

Distributors of the original brands on AliExpress

At the same time that this series of sanctions that apply to those suppliers who want to defraud customers are established, there are more and more recognized firms that authorize certain distributors so that they can trade their items.

In conclusion…

Finally, we can say that the control of counterfeits on AliExpress led to the fact that they were almost completely eradicated.

In the future, you’ll find on the platform more and more items of original brands at more affordable prices; in addition to the same brands of Chinese origin that offer users products of excellent quality and incredible appearance, at really affordable costs.