Shopping with cash at Shein

Despite the advance of electronic payment methods, there are people who still prefer to pay in cash.

If you are one of these people and want to shop at Shein, in this article we will explain how you can do to pay on that platform in cash.

Ways to pay for your purchases on Shein

When it comes to making your purchases on Shein, users usually choose to pay by credit or debit card (Visa, Maestro, American Express or Mastercard), PayPal or local payment methods.

In this link you will find more information about the payment methods enabled to shop at Shein but, as you may have seen, it does not accept cash payments (such as Western Union), nor does it allow pay on delivery.

In this article we will show you a few tricks so you can pay for your Shein purchase in cash, without linking your card or bank account.

Shopping with cash on Shein

Many stores, such as Shein, do not accept cash payments because it represents a hassle for sellers, but you can implement a couple of tricks to be able to pay this way.

Virtual cards

In the last time some cards have appeared in which we can load money through bank transfers or deposits.  The Correos card in Spain, for example, can be topped up with cash at any Correos branch.

The operation of this card is similar to the debit card, so you will have to select payment by debit card and enter the details of your virtual card.

Paying in cash through intermediaries

There are resellers to whom you can pay cash and who will take care of the management of your purchase, in exchange for a commission.

However, having other options available, we do not recommend this one, as it has an extra cost and, in addition, you will not be able to make use of Shein’s customer service, but you will have to talk to the middleman and hope that he is willing and able to help you.

Ask for a refund when paying with cash

Even if the purchase process is successful, what we receive may not be what we expected. In our guide about refunds at Shein you will find more information about this, but you should know that the refund is requested through customer service.

When requesting a refund, you can choose to have the money returned to your original method of payment or deposited into your Shein wallet.

The refund, if you paid in cash, will also depend on the method used. If you used a virtual card, the balance will be refunded to that card. If you can no longer use that card, please contact the card issuer.

Is it worth paying cash at Shein?

While we know that some people still prefer cash as a method of payment, it’s always useful to have a bank card. Debit cards are easy to apply for and simple to use.

Shopping with cash at Shein is possible, but also a bit cumbersome for users, so our recommendation is that you have a bank card so you can shop from the comfort of your home.