Why are Shein products so cheap?

When we enter the Shein store, we find that it offers much lower prices than other stores that sell similar products.

The excellent prices may make us think that the items it sells are not of very good quality.

In this article we will tell you the reason why Shein items are so cheap, so that you can check if it is worth buying on the platform or not.

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Shein: the Chinese fashion store that is here to stay

Since it was created in 2012, Shein’s shipments reach more than 150 countries. The increase in its sales and the interest of users are related to the variety of garments and styles, low prices, its alternative designs and its good management of social networks that reach a young audience, such as TikTok. It has even managed to capture the attention of several influencers, and its mobile application is one of the most downloaded shopping apps.

Another of Shein’s strengths is its variety of sizes, as it sells items ranging from XS to 5XL, and has even launched a plus size collection with which it has joined the body positive movement.

In addition, the speed and ease of returns (which are also free or at a low cost, as well as shipping) makes it one of the favorite platforms for users to buy privately or for their businesses.

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How does Shein offer such low prices?

Shein’s prices are much lower than those offered by stores selling similar products, thanks to the business model implemented by this site, which is very common in China.

Below, we will tell you what are the features that this model has so that the items sold by Shein can reach your hands at incredible prices.

Shein does not have physical stores

Anyone operating a business knows that, in addition to logistics, there are a number of expenses to deal with such as physical premises, rent and staff salaries if you have one.

The money that Shein saves by not maintaining a physical space, it can use to let you the clothes at a lower price and offer free returns.

Although we know that many people still prefer to try on clothes before buying them, you should know that Shein gives very detailed information about sizes, materials and other product features, so it is unlikely that your purchase will be unsatisfactory.

Although they do not compare to physical stores, in those places where demand is very high, Shein has opened ‘pop-up’ stores, temporary spaces where customers can approach the brand, without representing a very large expense for Shein.

Works with stock rotation

Shein’s warehouses are small and the brand looks to sell everything it has in stock, rather than having items sitting in the warehouse.

This is why Shein’s offers vary every day, with a wealth of discounts and coupons at your fingertips.

When there is surplus stock in the warehouses, Shein tries to get rid of those items through flash deals.

Economic advertising

Digital marketing is Shein’s advertising strength, so it saves on TV ad spend.

Shein seeks to become known through its social media presence and user recommendations.

As in the previous point, the money saved on advertising is reflected in low product prices.

It is a low cost brand

Brands that were once known as low cost (such as Zara) have been increasing their prices in recent times, so they are no longer as affordable as they used to be.

While some of Shein’s clothing lines may be more expensive, as they are advertised as premium quality garments, it focuses on selling low cost items, so most of its garments will be very low priced.

Few intermediaries

Shein’s garments leave the factory and go directly to the warehouse, from where they are shipped to different parts of the world.

Other brands with more expensive items spread the making of their garments in different factories throughout the world, which send them to different warehouses.

By saving management by so many middlemen, Shein is able to maintain its low prices.

Sell more

Shein seeks to sell at a reduced price in exchange for increased sales volume.

The cost of manufacturing the garments is usually not very high, so the profit is in the percentage they add to the products.

If the garments have high prices, people will not buy as much quantity, so Shein seeks to do the opposite and thus increase sales.

Shopping at Shein: yes or no?

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In short, although there are many sites that sell clothes at affordable prices, Shein’s strong point is that it not only guarantees you savings, but also that the clothes will be of the same quality as those of well-known brands, such as H&M.

Because of the large number of promotions, good reviews, detailed information about their products, good comments and photos, users are delighted with the platform. Word of mouth made Shein achieve one of its goals, which was to reach a large volume of sales.

Although it is unlikely that you will have problems with your purchase, in case this happens, Shein’s customer service center is always available to answer your questions and provide you with a solution as quickly as possible.